Why can't I be hypnotised?

Why can’t I be hypnotised?

If you have tried hypnosis and think you can’t be hypnotised then this page will help show you how to get over the problem.

Don’t worry – it’s very common and I myself had awful trouble entering hypnosis when I first started! It took me weeks of practise before I finally got it but once I did I couldn’t start laughing.

Let’s have a look at why you can’t be hypnotised and how to easily get over the problem.

Why can’t I be hypnotised?

The video below will explain what’s stopping you and why some people think they can’t be hypnotised.

After watching this you’ll be able to enter hypnosis easily whenever you want to. You will find it so fun that you’ll want to show all your friends so they can enjoy the feeling too!

The kinds of people that struggle with hypnosis

It’s often intelligent people that struggle the most to experience hypnosis.

That is not to say that people that find it easy are unintelligent, far from it. People that find it easy are very creative and imaginative.

People that find it hard are often people that work in I.T, accounting or have the kind of job where they are very analytical.

To enter hypnosis you must use the creative side of your brain, not the intelligent side. People that work with figures or have to be in control, analyse data and work out problems use the intelligent side of their brain so much that they find it really hard to engage the creative side of their brain.

If you think you can’t be hypnotised, this is why

People that find it hard to enter hypnosis are often resisting it because they are scared of losing control or having someone else have power over them.

The big thing to understand is that by entering hypnosis you are gaining control and by resisting it you are just showing that you are not in control.

Police officers and soldiers are often the easiest people to hypnotise because they are so used to taking orders. I’ve hypnotised soldiers that drop to the floor at the simple command of “sleep” because they are so used to doing what they’re told!

If you find it hard to enter hypnosis then you are most likely the opposite and don’t like being told what to do.

I get it – I found it hard to enter hypnosis too

I was an awful subject when I first started. I’d spent 20 years as a driving instructor and I was always in control.

I didn’t get it at all and I thought the whole thing was nonsense. What was wrong with these people that have their hands stuck together or forget their name? That would never happen to me.

It was when I learnt the things I talk about in the video above that I finally realised I wasn’t in control at all.

If you are scared of hypnosis

If you have a fear of hypnosis that is so strong you can’t even watch the video above then see my page scared to be hypnotised?

That will put your mind at ease by explaining many of the myths and rubbish talked about hypnosis.

You can check out more of my videos on the HypnosisFix YouTube channel.