Why can't I be hypnotised?

Why can’t I be hypnotised?

If you have tried hypnosis and think you can’t be hypnotised then this page will help show you how to get over the problem. In fact, I just told you what the problem was in that last sentence. We’ll come back to that later.

There is no such thing as someone who can’t be hypnotised. There is only someone who won’t be hypnotised.

There are occasions when hypnosis should not be used such as when people have bipolar, schizophrenia, epilepsy or asthma. Hypnosis can make these worse or bring on an attack. This page is not meant as a guide on how to hypnotise someone, it is to help highlight problems for people that want to use hypnosis and have no reason not to but are having trouble achieving it.

Why can’t I be hypnotised?

The video below will explain what’s stopping you and why some people think they can’t be hypnotised.

After watching this you’ll be able to enter hypnosis easily whenever you want to.

If you really are having trouble entering hypnosis then there is a whole list of things to check below. This may sound a lot but the good news is that it’s all very simple and can be done in seconds. It takes far longer to read it and learn it than it does to do it.

The main reasons hypnosis isn’t working for you

As we said before, there is no such thing as someone that can’t be hypnotised. There are however people that resist it, even if they don’t know they are resisting it.

If you resist hypnosis then it won’t work. You can’t force it on someone, they have to want it to happen for it to work.

People that are convinced hypnosis is fake are just making their own misbelief come true. When someone has convinced themselves that they’re special, different, better or just that hypnosis is fake then it won’t work. They then proudly boast of how special they are because they have beaten the hypnotist and proven their point.

They have only beaten themselves.

How to get hypnosis working for you

The video above goes over these things in detail and it’ll really help to watch it. Reading text is great but many people take more in by watching things explained by another human.

For those of you that have seen the video or just want to read instead then here we go with explaining why you can’t be hypnotised (you can!).

I’m going to explain this in two parts.

Part 1 – You need 4 things for hypnosis to work

There is an easy way to make all these 4 things work in seconds which I explain in my video above. If it seems a lot then don’t worry because it’s all very easy to do.


Without belief there is nothing. Surely hypnosis would work though whether you believe it or not? I mean, if you put a needle through your hand then it hurts whether or not you believe it, right? Wrong.

It is perfectly possible to make it so that in a state of hypnosis you would not feel a thing when a needle goes right through your hand. Do not try this at home, this is an example only and not something I recommend you do without expert training and supervision. Never the less, it is possible.

This is the very same thing that can stop you from entering hypnosis in the first place. If you don’t believe it then your mind will reject it and it will not work.

You must believe in hypnosis or your mind will stop it from working.

As already stated, some people take great pride in this and feel a huge sense of achievement by not being able to enjoy it. The reason for this is often fear. They’re unknowingly scared of not being in control which is silly because hypnosis gives you more control.

Hypnosis does not put you to sleep, it wakes you up.


Imagination is the language of the subconscious. Without being able to imagine, hypnosis won’t work.

It’s very easy to imagine. I want you to imagine a tropical beach right now. What can you see, hear, feel?

There is no right or wrong but if you can’t imagine anything then you need to work on imagining things before hypnosis will work for you.


You must be convinced that it is going to work. As with belief, any doubt at all will stop it from working because your mind will reject the idea to protect you. We’ll come to that more in part 2.


You must expect hypnosis to happen. If you sit there expecting it to work then it will. If you sit there expecting it won’t work then guess what? It won’t!

You get what you aim for in life.

People that see themselves as doing well will do well. People who see themselves as a loser will end up a loser.

Here’s a great quote based on that fact:

Whether you think you can, or you think you cant – youre right.

Henry Ford

Before moving on to part 2 you MUST have all the 4 things above done.

You must believe it’ll work, imagine it working, be convinced it’ll work and expect it to work.

A quick test to see how you’re doing so far

Watch the video below. It contains a simple test to see if you have the 4 things above in place. If not then work on those more before continuing.

Part 2 – how to become hypnotised

If you have ticked yes to all the 4 things above then there are just 2 things you need to do to be hypnotised:

  1. Bypass the critical faculty
  2. Establish selective thinking

Great but what does that mean?

How to bypass the critical faculty (and what it is!)

The critical faculty is like a security guard in your mind. Whenever someone says anything to you, it analyses it and decides whether to let the suggestion in or reject it.

If a stranger tells you to hand over your car keys then you’ll reject that suggestion because you don’t want to.

If a stranger tells you to take your clothes off you’ll reject that suggestion because you don’t want to (probably!)

Now, if a stranger tells you to be careful because the pavement ahead of you is a bit wobbly and they nearly tripped over then you’ll accept it because it’s useful and won’t do you any harm.

This is why the things from part 1 are so important. If you don’t believe hypnosis will work or don’t want it to work then your mind will reject it and it won’t work. You have made your own wish come true because you only get what you want.

That doesn’t mean hypnosis is fake, it means you’re stopping it from working by telling your mind not to let it happen.

If your mind doesn’t like a suggestion it will reject it – including when you’re in hypnosis.

The way you bypass the critical faculty is the same way that you’d sneak past a security guard into an event you didn’t have tickets for; someone distracts them while you sneak in!

You distract it by focusing purely on one thing like staring at a spot on the wall or creating a phenomenon that baffles the mind, distracting it from other things.

You can read more about the critical faculty and how hypnosis works here.

Establish selective thinking

Once you have bypassed the critical faculty (security guard) then you can give a suggestion that your mind will focus on to the point that it will absolutely believe it to be true.

You can say that your hand is numb, you have forgotten your first name etc. Whatever you tell your mind it will believe but…

The suggestion must be something you do not object to.

Harmful suggestions will not work, even though they initially sneaked past.

There is a lot more to learn about hypnosis but that basic knowledge is all you need to understand why you think you can’t be hypnotised.

When you identify which of the 6 things above you’re not doing then you WILL be able to enter hypnosis. Watch the video at the top of this page if you need more help.

Knowing how hypnosis feels helps you get there

A common mistake made by people wanting to experience hypnosis is that they expect it to feel different to how it often does.

If you’ve seen people that slouch over and look like a zombie when a hypnotist says “sleep” and clicks their fingers then you might be expecting that to happen to you.

There are two things to understand here:

  1. It’s often not like that
  2. You wouldn’t know if that did happen

Everyone experiences hypnosis in different ways. Some people, like myself, feel virtually nothing. Maybe a bit tired and you can tell something is happening but not much at all.

Other people do almost collapse and have a reaction that looks dramatic to anyone watching. Those are the people that get chosen for TV shows because it makes it all look better but many people just don’t do that.

Even if you do, you wouldn’t know. Ask anyone that has been in hypnosis and shown a strong reaction to it and they will have no idea they were bent over double or that they collapsed. They just don’t know at all so it could be that you are doing the same but you just don’t know.

Think of it like having a dream. Some people thrash around in their sleep when they dream and others don’t. Some people even sleepwalk but that doesn’t mean we all do.

Go into hypnosis without any preconceived ideas of what it should feel like and you’re much more likely to experience it.

Proof that hypnosis is real

You can see hypnosis is real when you watch the video below.

A man has been hypnotised to think that an onion is a peach. Watch how he reacts when eating it and his reaction when the suggestion is cleared. Even more impressive is that his eyes don’t run at all because he believes it’s a peach and not an onion. You can’t just pretend or fake that.

The kinds of people that struggle with hypnosis

It’s often intelligent people that struggle the most to experience hypnosis.

That is not to say that people that find it easy are unintelligent, far from it. People that find it easy are very creative and imaginative.

People that find it hard are often people that work in I.T, accounting or have the kind of job where they are very analytical.

To enter hypnosis you must use the creative side of your brain, not the intelligent side. People that work with figures or have to be in control, analyse data and work out problems use the intelligent side of their brain so much that they find it really hard to engage the creative side of their brain.

If you think you can’t be hypnotised, this is why

People that find it hard to enter hypnosis are often resisting it because they are scared of losing control or having someone else have power over them.

The big thing to understand is that by entering hypnosis you are gaining control and by resisting it you are just showing that you are not in control.

Police officers and soldiers are often the easiest people to hypnotise because they are so used to taking orders. I’ve hypnotised soldiers that drop to the floor at the simple command of “sleep” because they are so used to doing what they’re told!

If you find it hard to enter hypnosis then you are most likely the opposite and don’t like being told what to do.

I get it – I found it hard to enter hypnosis too

I was an awful subject when I first started. I’d spent 20 years as a driving instructor and I was always in control.

I didn’t get it at all and I thought the whole thing was nonsense. What was wrong with these people that have their hands stuck together or forget their name? That would never happen to me.

It was when I learnt the things I talk about in the video above that I finally realised I wasn’t in control at all.

I finally started to experience it but it took time. I had to practise it a lot.

If you are scared of hypnosis

If you have a fear of hypnosis that is so strong you can’t even watch the video above then see my page scared to be hypnotised?

That will put your mind at ease by explaining many of the myths and rubbish talked about hypnosis.

You can check out more of my videos on the HypnosisFix YouTube channel.

The final thing you need to know

Remember in the first paragraph of this page I said that I’d given you the answer already?

“If you have tried hypnosis and think you can’t be hypnotised then this page will help show you how to get over the problem”.

Can you see what the problem is? If not then let me share something with you that can change your whole life.

Stop trying and start doing!

You have “tried” hypnosis. You haven’t done it. Any time you use the word “try” you are implying failure. Here’s a little exercise to prove this.

Get something small like a phone or a pen, something that is easy to pick up. Now pick it up. You did that quite easily, right?

Now do this – TRY and pick it up. Don’t pick it up because if you do then you’re not trying, you’re doing. Just TRY and pick it up and keep TRYING but don’t do it.

Get it?

Erase the word try from your life and you will instantly make massive changes. And you know what people say when I tell them that?

“I tried that and it didn’t work”

If you tell yourself that you are going to do something, not try it, then you increase your chances of success massively. Watch out for people using the word try every day. See how many times people say it, especially when they have failed at something.

Stop trying and start doing. It’ll change your whole life.

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