The Shadow

The Shadow is a superhero who is a master of hypnosis.

You can listen to all the episodes of The Shadow further down this page.

I made this page to help keep his memory alive because I think the character deserves more recognition.

Not many people have heard of him because his stories are so old. He was at his most popular in the 1930’s and 1940’s when he starred in a hit radio series.

This was around 9 years before Batman and Superman had their first comic appearances. Those other more famous heroes certainly seem to take some ideas from The Shadow as you’ll see by reading this page.

I discovered these stories sometime around 2004 when I ordered a CD off eBay containing ghost stories for Halloween. It had some of the Shadow’s stories on there and I enjoyed them.

If you want to know more about him then read more about the Shadow here.

The Shadow’s secret identity

The Shadow’s real name is Lamont Cranston. He is a “wealthy young man about town” to quote the radio shows intro.

A wealthy, young man who is really a superhero? That sounds a lot like Bruce Wayne (Batman).

What powers does the Shadow have?

The Shadow’s powers vary according to whether you’re reading the comics or listening to the radio show.

He’s better known in comics for using guns, being an excellent marksman and having hand-to-hand combat skills. He was a master of hiding himself and making himself invisible to his enemies.

This wouldn’t come across as well on radio because they would have to keep explaining how he was hiding. They had to come up with a new power for him that would work better for a listening audience.

In the radio show he relies entirely on his hypnotic powers to “cloud men’s minds”. He can also read peoples minds and influence their thoughts.

He always works for good and targets criminals, law breakers and gangs. Using his powers he can infiltrate enemy hideouts without them even knowing he is there.

Every hero needs a sidekick and the Shadow’s is Margot Lane. Margot spends a lot of her time getting kidnapped, screaming and needing rescuing.

Margot Lane? That sounds like Superman’s sidekick, Lois Lane.

Listen for yourself

Go back in time to 1930’s and 1940’s America by listening to some of the Shadows adventures yourself.

They come from the golden age of radio and the old radio advertisements have been left in, just as they were broadcast 90 years ago.

I love hearing these old adverts urging people to order their coal and talking about brand new technology like the Blue Coal Automatic Heat Regular – a thermostat that meant you didn’t have to go down into the basement and fiddle with levers on the boiler to keep the temperature the same.

In the days before TV and the internet, families would gather around the radio to listen to shows like this. Take a trip back in time as you listen to The Shadow…

All of the remaining Shadow episodes. Some were sadly lost to time.