Stop smoking hypnotherapy

Stop smoking hypnotherapy can help you quit smoking in as little as one session. I offer sessions in Birmingham an online using Zoom.

Whether you’ve been smoking for days or years, hypnosis can help you to quit smoking for good.

Let’s have a look at how it works and answer some common questions.

How is stop smoking hypnotherapy different from other methods?

Many things designed to stop you smoking fail because they only focus on the physical side of smoking.

Patches and gum may replace the nicotine in your body to reduce your craving but all you’re doing is buying patches instead of cigarettes. As soon as you stop buying them the cravings return because you’re only covering the problem up instead of getting rid of it altogether.

Stop smoking hypnotherapy allows us to get straight to the root cause of your problem. We use hypnosis to target the thoughts in your mind that are telling you to smoke.

By replacing these thoughts you just won’t want to smoke.

How stop smoking hypnotherapy works

Once we’ve completed the consultation we proceed with the stop smoking hypnotherapy which usually lasts between 1 to 2 hours.

You’ll be guided into a lovely relaxing state where your mind is more open to suggestions. If you haven’t already done so then I recommend reading my page on how hypnosis works.

I’ll be talking to you for quite a long time. You won’t be unconscious, you can still hear and will be able to speak if needed.

After your stop smoking hypnotherapy session

After the session I’ll email you an MP3 file that you need to listen to each day for at least 3 weeks after your session. This will usually be a recording of the session we did with a short introduction guiding you into a state of hypnosis.

If we don’t record your session or there are any technical problems then I can send you a prerecorded file which will work just as well. If you don’t use email then I can give you an audio CD for you to play.

It is essential that you do listen to this audio. It takes 21 days to make or break a habit so if you don’t listen to this file each day then you are unlikely to be successful in stopping smoking.

Does stop smoking hypnosis work?

Yes, hypnosis does work to stop you smoking but you shouldn’t expect me to do everything for you.

Imagine someone buys a brand new car for £50,000. They’ve heard great things about it from reviews and everyone says how well it can handle bends. They then go out and crash after trying to take a bend at 120mph. They’re furious and leave bad reviews for the car online, saying how it didn’t work properly.

Did the car not work properly? Of course not! It was their fault because they put the responsibility for their safety in other peoples hands without taking any responsibility themselves.

A similar thing can happen with hypnosis.

A common reason for hypnotherapy not working is that the client expects the hypnotherapist to do all of the work. They expect to sit back and have a magic spell cast on them that fixes everything with zero effort.

It doesn’t work like that.

Can a hypnotist stop you smoking?

Yes a hypnotist can stop you smoking but you must play your part too.

I don’t have magic powers. I can’t zap you with a magic wave of energy that makes you stop smoking. The only way I can guarantee you’ll stop smoking is to handcuff you to the beams in my loft and keep you there forever.

It’s actually you that does most of the work and not me. You must take it seriously and really want to quit. We get what we aim for in life so if you’re not serious about the result then you won’t get a serious result.

No hypnotist can MAKE you stop smoking – only you can do that.

If you play your part, listen to what is said and really want to quit then there is a very high chance of success. Hypnosis is far more likely to work than other methods but nothing in life is guaranteed.

Sometimes a second or third session is needed but generally it only takes one session.

Should it not work then don’t worry because there is hope!

What if I still smoke after hypnosis?

One reason you may still smoke after a hypnosis session to stop smoking is because part of you secretly still wants to. It’s often because of something called secondary gain.

Secondary gain is when people keep doing something bad for them because they’re gaining something else from it. Smokers often enjoy extra breaks at work because they are allowed to pop outside the office for 5 minutes to smoke.

It may be that part of you misses those breaks and starts telling you to smoke again so you don’t lose out on them.

Another example can be that a smoker finds themselves excluded from their circle of friends when they stop smoking. They don’t want to be around them anymore because it may start them smoking again yet they don’t like being away from their friends.

This is where other forms of therapy such as parts therapy can be very useful.

We can use this phenomenal technique that to overcome these problems. It’s one of the strongest tools in any hypnotherapists arsenal so please go and read my page about parts therapy and other forms of hypnotherapy.

But what if stop smoking hypnotherapy still doesn’t work?

If we’ve tried the normal method, the extra methods and you haven’t quit then we bring in the big guns. This isn’t pleasant and that’s why it’s something we only do as a last resort.

It’s aversion therapy.

Aversion therapy makes it so that you’ll feel physically sick if you ever try and smoke. We can make it so that just picking up a cigarette will make you nauseous and vomit. Yes, it’s really not nice and only something we do as a last resort.

You’ve no doubt seen videos of people unable to move their arms or with their hands stuck together after hypnosis. Aversion therapy works in the same way but we have to be very careful with it.

I could make it so that every time you smell smoke you’ll feel sick. But then what if someone is smoking in the street? You’d feel sick when you smelt smoke anywhere at all! Aversion therapy must be worded carefully.

Failing that we can at least reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke. Or we can do more work to make you more ready to quit.

Is this the same thing as smoking cessation?

Yes, smoking cessation is the official term for stopping someone from smoking using hypnosis. I don’t use that phrase much because many people don’t know what cessation means.

You can read more about how hypnosis helps you stop smoking if you’d like to learn even more.

How much does it cost to be hypnotised to stop smoking?

If you think about how much money you’ll save by stopping smoking then it may not cost you anything!

My stop smoking hypnotherapy in Birmingham costs £150 but I have met smokers spending that much on cigarettes each month.

If you only stop smoking for a few weeks then the amount of money you’ve saved on cigarettes could cover the cost of stop smoking hypnotherapy. If you stop for good then the therapy will have paid for itself many times over.

As well as the financial cost, think about the health benefits. Nobody can deny that smoking is bad for your health and quitting at any stage is better than continuing to smoke.

Can you get stuck in hypnosis?

No. This has never happened to anyone ever in the history of the world. If it happens to you then we’ll both be famous!

Hypnosis is just like being in a light sleep, just like when you’ve been driving for a long time and you get that drowsy feeling.

Sometimes you don’t even feel anything. For stop smoking hypnotherapy you only need to enter a lightest trance for it to work.

What happens when you quit smoking?

You can start to experience remarkable changes in as little as a few hours after you stop smoking.

Here’s what happens in your body after you stop smoking:

  • Within 20 minutes your blood pressure and pulse rate return to normal
  • Within 8 hours the carbon monoxide level in your blood drops to normal
  • After 24 hours your chance of having a heart attack decreases
  • After 48 hours your nerve endings start to grow and your sense of smell and taste improve
  • Within 72 hours your lung capacity increases
  • In 2 to 3 months your circulation improves by up to 30%
  • Within 1 to 9 months coughing and shortness of breath decrease
  • After 5 years the lung cancer death rate drops
  • After 10 years the lung cancer death rate drops to almost the same rate as someone that never smoked.

The above was taken from the book “Scripts and Strategies in hypnotherapy” by Roger. P Allen.

I am not a doctor and the figures vary for everyone but those points show how much a difference you can make by stopping smoking.

What next then?

If you want to stop smoking then contact me today.