The problem isn't the problem

The single most important thing to understand when you want to make changes is that the problem is not the problem.

A fear of flying is not caused by flying. A fear of spiders has nothing to do with spiders.

The problem that you’re seeing is just how the real issue is showing itself.

The video below explains more and then we’ll have a look at a client called John and his trouble with headaches (which had nothing to do with headaches) and it’ll help you understand.

The problem is not the problem

John came to me because he had a problem with headaches.

Every weekend without fail he’d get blinding pain in his head that stopped him enjoying his time off. He was fine all week but as regular as clockwork, everytime a Saturday came round the headache would return.

He’d been to see doctors and they’d done all kinds of tests: blood tests, scans, diet tests etc. They could find no reason at all for him having these headaches and said that although it may be annoying it was nothing to worry about.

John came to me and we used hypnosis to go back in time in his mind to find the source of these issues.

After only a few minutes John had come up with a memory from his childhood.

His dad had always wanted a son that he could take to play football at the weekends. Ever since the age of 5 he’d been taking him along to weekend football coaching sessions. The thing was, John hated football.

John had told his dad that he didn’t want to go but he didn’t listen. Unlike his dad, your mind will always do what you tell it to and always listens because it has no choice.

John hated these weekend football sessions so much that his mind came up with a way of avoiding them: by making him ill with headaches.

Once the headaches began, John had the perfect reason not to play football and his dad had to stop taking him.

John’s problem was football not headaches

John’s problem had been caused by his mind giving him headaches to protect him from something he didn’t like.

Your mind only lives in the here and now. It doesn’t understand the past or future. That’s why songs that bring bad sad memories continue to do so for years after the event has long passed. To your mind, everything is happening here and now.

Using hypnotherapy techniques John spoke directly to the part of his mind causing this issue and explained he no longer needed it to to this. Instead he wanted this part to make him feel happier and able to have fun at the weekends.

John’s headaches stopped immediately. He now lives a full life and enjoys his weekends.

Now you see how it works!

John’s headaches were never going to fixed with headache pills or sticks he could rub on his forehead.

Only by going into hypnosis and finding the root cause of the issue could he get rid of the problem.

Now you see how the issue you have is nothing to do with the problem it gives you.

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