Prices for hypnotherapy in Birmingham and online

1 session – £100

2 sessions – £160

Hypnotherapy sessions are available online using Zoom. I don’t currently offer face to face sessions due to the pandemic.

Read my page What happens in a hypnotherapy session? where you’ll find several videos answering common questions and showing you how professional hypnotherapy sessions should be done.

How long is a session?

Sessions are from 30 to 90 minutes long.

We’ll spend about 10 minutes talking at the start of the session and then it’s on with the hypnosis. The 10-minute chat is essential as I explain how things work and safety information.

Most people are just glad to have their problem fixed and don’t care about it being set to a certain time limit.

How to pay for a session

I’ll send you my details so you can make a transfer. There is no contract to sign so you can start and stop sessions whenever you choose.

Book your session now

To book your hypnotherapy session online or in real life then contact me now either online or on the phone.