Past life regression online and in Birmingham

Past life regression online and in Birmingham allows you to take a trip back in time in your mind and discover who you could have been in a previous life.

Could you have been a swashbuckling pirate? A servant in medieval times? A Roman gladiator?

I offer this service for anyone that is interested in it. I do not guarantee the accuracy of any information you may uncover using this process and you are free to make up your own mind as to what you believe.

In 2019 I did a past life regression myself and it was a fascinating experience. Was it real though or just my mind making it all up? Have we really all lived before or is it nothing more than fantasy?

Let’s take a look at the theory of how it works first.

Past life regression online

Past life regression online means you can enjoy my sessions no matter where you are in the world.

I have used online hypnotherapy with people all over the planet and it works every bit as well as real-life sessions.

Past life regression online is done using Zoom; a free video calling app that you can install on your phone, tablet or PC in seconds. It offers high-quality video and audio.

Pat life regression in Birmingham

If you prefer a past life regression session in real-life then I offer them around Birmingham, UK.

This service is not currently available due to you-know-what but it’ll be back one day!

What happens during a session

I will guide you into a deep state of hypnosis and show you a method we use to discover possible previous lives.

If you haven’t used hypnosis before then don’t worry. I have created a whole page about what happens in a hypnotherapy session? that will help get you started at home by teaching you some of the basics and what to expect.

You may be able to see, hear or feel that life. You may find yourself to be of the opposite sex or of a different race.

We’ll get as much detail as we can about your past life. I always aim to get a name and location but it’s not always possible. You may well find yourself in a different country and it could be at any point in history.

The most amazing thing about it is that you can even watch yourself die. Not many people can say they’ve ever done that!

All of this might sound scary but it’s not because of the way it’s done. It’s a bit like watching a cinema screen and you can rewind or fast forward to different parts of your life.

The theory is that we never die but just go from one life to another with the aim being to learn many different lessons and then eventually become whole.

All of this is of course open to debate.

Princess kneeling

Could you have been a Princess or a Knight in a past life?

The case for past life regression

There have been hundreds of documented cases of past life regression where the person has come up with names and details of people from history.

People have been able to give very specific details about their life such as where they lived, their family and even the date of their death.

Often people describe their death and point to birth marks on their current body. Some of these marks look like bullet wounds or stab wounds where they were killed in a previous life.

The most convincing thing about past life regression is that you experience everything for yourself. It’s not me standing there saying what I sense – you’re the one living it and telling me.

A famous case of regression is that of Robert Snow. He spent most of his life as a police officer and didn’t believe in reincarnation at all.

A hypnotic past life regression changed his life and lead him on an incredible journey to discover a life he had lived as a painter.

You can see the amazing story he tells in this video.

Robert’s past life experience

Is any of it real though or is it just fantasy and misplaced memories?

Let’s have a look at the case against reincarnation.

The case against past life regression

Some people believe that this information doesn’t come from past lives at all.

It could be that you once read the information in a book or saw it on a TV show. Even if it was decades ago, your mind can retain information throughout your entire life.

Sceptics point to the fact that it could all just be coming from the persons imagination. Some people have described things in great detail only to later realise that they were describing a scene from a popular video game they often play.

Other theories are that some people aren’t happy in their current life so they just make up a new one to make their life sound more interesting.

The birth marks we mentioned before don’t prove anything. It could be the other way round – that people are imagining deaths caused by things that would explain the birthmarks. In other words, the birth mark makes them think of an injury but it wasn’t caused by an injury.

Nobody will ever know whether past life regression is genuine or not and that’s what makes it so interesting to me.

The best way to make your mind up is to try it for yourself.

How I avoid the leading problem

In any kind of hypnosis, a hypnotist must always be careful not to lead the client.

Imagine that I get you into a deep state of hypnosis and then ask “Are you in Egyptian times? On a ship?”.

I’ve just lead you into thinking that you should be in Egypt or that you should be seeing a ship.

The way it should be done is to ask questions like “What can you see? Where are you?”.

These are questions that guide you to an answer but don’t lead you to one.

This is where I have an advantage over many hypnotists. I spent 20 years in my previous career as a driving instructor where I became excellent at asking questions without leading people.

I know exactly how to find out what you know and don’t know without putting my foot in it!

Is past life regression real? You decide.

For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don’t believe, no proof is possible.

Stuart Chase

You can read more about past life regression on Wikipedia.

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