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As well as the main hypnosis services listed in the menu I can offer many more.

Not everything to do with hypnosis has to be about feeling ill or getting over a problem. Hypnosis can be a lot of fun too!

This page is short a list of other services. If you have any other ideas in mind then contact me because it’s hard to list everything that hypnosis can do.

Find lost objects

Have you lost your keys, some money or just can’t remember where you put something really important?

Hypnosis can help by taking you back to the moment you last saw it so you’ll remember where you put it.

See my page on how to find lost objects with hypnosis.

Feelgood booster

My feelgood booster is a hypnosis session will make you feel better.

We all get dragged down by the demands of the modern world. It’s never been worse since the invention of smartphones. We’re never out of touch and can find it hard to relax.

You’ll leave the session feeling full of beans, happier, more confident and lifted.

Stop recurring dreams

If you want to stop having a recurring dream then hypnosis can be the answer.

This was the very first thing I did with hypnosis so I know for sure that it works! I had the same dream once or twice a week for 15 years and after just one short session of self-hypnosis I never had it again.

Hypnosis fun

Sometimes people just want to experience hypnosis without actually having a phobia or such to get rid of.

Here is your chance to experience hypnosis and take part in some fun activities.

You can have your eyes stuck together, forget your name or find you suddenly can’t remember how to stand up.

I won’t spoil the fun by telling you everything but I have many tricks and ideas to keep you entertained.

Accelerated learning

If you have any kind of exam or test coming up then this session will focus your mind allowing you to take in information more quickly and efficiently than usual.

I’ll teach you techniques such as speed reading that can allow you to read an entire book in minutes and be and be able to recall each page.

Discover how to remember things better and recall information more easily.

Other hypnosis services

For anything else just contact me to see if I can help.