Paul doing online hypnosis session

Online hypnotherapy allows you to fix your problems from the comfort and safety of your own home using Zoom.

There’s no need to travel to me for sessions; sit back and relax as you enjoy your hypnotherapy sessions in the comfort of your own home! I do real life sessions too if you prefer.

The video below shows an online session.

What do I need for an online hypnotherapy session?

All you need is a mobile phone, tablet or computer. For better sound quality it’s good to use earphones with a microphone like those you see in my video above.

It’s partly thanks to earphones that I find online hypnotherapy more effective than real-life sessions. Earphones help cut out noise from the outside and allow you to concentrate more on my voice.

I offer hypnotherapy sessions via Whatsapp or Zoom. You can install either of those for free on your phone, PC or tablet.

The video below was filmed on my phone. It looks and sounds like an online/phone session. Contact me now to book your session.

Zoom hypnotherapy

See my page all about Zoom hypnotherapy for videos and more details.

Zoom is a free video conferencing app which offers high quality video and audio.

If you don’t use Zoom then it’s easy to get and you can be up and running with it in a few minutes. Here’s how to get it:

  1. Download Zoom on your phone from your app store or on your computer from
  2. Log in using your Google or Facebook account or create a new account using an email address.
  3. Run the app to make sure it’s working fine.

That’s all there is to it. Once we have a session booked I’ll email you a link which you just click on and it will invite you into a call with me.

It’s important you don’t share this link with anyone. Having more than 2 people in a call puts a 40 minute time limit on the call so your session could be cut off. You’d also have people watching you having a session which is not what most people want!

Whatsapp Hypnotherapy

Whatsapp is a free messaging app which allows you to have video calls.

Search forWhatsapp in your app store and you have it on your phone within seconds.

It works just like a normal phone call so all you have to do is add my number to your contacts, open Whatsapp and call me by using the video camera icon.

Does online hypnotherapy work?

Yes it works just as well as real life hypnotherapy. More and more therapists now offer online sessions becuase it’s just so much more convenient.

Professor Peter Whorwhell started using hypnosis to treat people for IBS, a common but incurable condition that causes stomach cramps that can last for months. I know how bad it is because I’ve had it myself!

After his work became popular and people started traveling from all over the UK to visit him, he decided to try doing his hypnotherapy sessions online.

You can see the results in the short video below.

How do book an online session

  1. Read my page of important information to make sure I can help you
  2. Email me through my contact page to book and pay for your sessions.

I recommend being ready at least 5 minutes before a session with your device fully loaded and ready to go.

Be sure you’re aware of any costs associated with chatting online or through any apps. Calls through Whatsapp usually use low amounts of data such as 60MB (0.06 GB) an hour. Zoom calls generally use much more data at around 500MB (0.5GB) an hour because of higher quality video. Check with your carrier if you’re not sure and use wi-fi whenever possible.

Safety guidelines for online hypnotherapy

Online hypnosis can be just as safe as face to face sessions but here are some guidelines you must follow.

  • As always you must read my page of important information
  • Always be in a location and situation where it would be safe to fall asleep (you probably won’t but just in case)
  • Be sitting on a comfy chair or lying down. Don’t sit on a stool or any chair/surface where you could fall off and/or have your head crash through the monitor screen.
  • Have your phone fully charged or plug it in to the mains
  • For video calls you need your phone or camera to be fixed in position by placing it on a desk, tripod etc. I can’t do a session with you holding it or you might drop it when you go into hypnosis
  • If we lose touch I will call you back. You’ll still be able to answer it while in hypnosis. You only really need audio, the video is just a nice extra so I can see if it’s working.
  • Please keep pets out of the room. They may get worried when they see their owner in hypnosis and can spoil the session. Cats are usually ok: they spend a lot of their time in hypnosis and love it.

Is online hypnotherapy safe?

So long as you follow the simple guidelines above then it’s really no different to me being in the room with you.

It doesn’t even need to be a video call, so long as you can hear me then that’s all we need.

Let’s look at some of the common questions people have about online hypnotherapy.

What if the phone cuts off or the internet goes down?

Let me explain why it isn’t a problem at all and it can actually help!

Have you ever woken up in the night, gone to the bathroom then gone back to sleep? Ever noticed how you feel awful when you wake up in the morning?

People falsely think this is because they’ve slept for a shorter time but it’s actually because breaking sleep and going back into it deepens your level of sleep. You feel awful in the morning because you’ve come back from a deeper depth than normal.

There’s a similar thing we do in hypnosis called fractionation. That’s when it seems that we bring you out of hypnosis and then put you back in, usually by asking you to open your eyes and close them again. This helps you go deeper into hypnosis.

The phone being cut off doesn’t matter because it’s just like doing fractionation or waking up then going back to sleep again. It doesn’t ruin the trance or spoil the session; if anything it will only enhance the trance.

In 99% of cases the phone/internet doesn’t get cut off anyway so none of this is even an issue.

Is online hypnotherapy dangerous?


So long as you follow my guidelines the worst thing that could happen is you’d fall asleep for a few hours. That’s why I insist on you being somewhere that it would be safe to sleep.

At the start of a session I’ll give you the suggestion that if you don’t hear me speak for 3 minutes or so then you’ll come out of trance. I’ll also suggest that if you hear your phone ring you’ll always answer it.

What if your battery runs out? Internet goes down? It all comes down to the same thing – if you hypnotise someone and walk off then in most cases they’d just wake up within 15 to 30 minutes anyway. If not you’d wake up after a nice sleep.

I’m a modern hypnotherapist and I use modern methods.

What if there’s a fire or I need to answer the door?

Then you’d be able to get up and leave or answer the door just as you normally would.

You don’t turn into an idiot when in hypnosis. You’re not going to sit there happily smiling as your home burns down around you.

You can even get up and sign for a parcel then come back to a session. You can get up and go to the toilet.

Hypnosis is not like people think!

You’re always in control and can go back to your normal state any time you choose.

Internet speeds and technical stuff

You need a reliable internet connection so that the session doesn’t get interrupted. I recommend a minimum speed of 10Mbps but these days even the most basic phones have speeds that fast.

Click here to find out your internet speed for free.

So long as your download speed is over 10Mpbs and your upload speed is over 5Mbps you should be fine. You get way over those speeds on most internet providers in the UK. Even a 3G phone would usually be fine and 4G or 5G should have no trouble.

My internet connection has speeds of around 380 Mbps download and 36 Mbps upload.

If the internet fails we can always just do it using a phone call but you get better audio quality using the internet.

From research I did online, a one hour Whatsapp video call uses around 60MB of data. That’s 0.06 of a GB so hardly anything considering even basic phone plans usually give you 2GB of data a month.

Is it better to use a phone or computer?

Phones give the best video quality in general but I can do either way.

If you want to know why phones give better quality than webcams watch the video below.

If you haven’t got time to watch it then it simply says that phones work better because they have less stuff that gets in the way and are designed for video calls.

Remember we don’t need video, audio is the main thing.

Are the sessions recorded?

No. Please do not record sessions and put them online because you would be breaking data protection laws.

Sometimes I record the audio if a client would like to listen back to it but I find that in most cases this is not necessary.

Most people are glad the problem has gone and don’t want to keep listening back to their session which reminds them of it!

My experience of talking online

I started talking to people online over 30 years ago in 1989 when I was just a kid.

I was playing an old video game called Falcon on a computer called the Amiga. I’ll never forget my first conversation which seemed like magic. I was talking to someone miles away by typing on a keyboard!

I spoke to a friend of the family and when I said hello they replied that their chair leg had just broken and they had to go get a new chair. I’ll never forget that.

As the years went by and along came the internet as we know it today, I traveled around the UK to meet hundreds of people. The most adventurous meeting I ever did involved me flying 5000+ miles to San Francisco to stay with someone I’d only been chatting to online for two weeks!

Paul in San Francisco

Me in San Francisco

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