NLP Life coaching session

My life coaching in Birmingham (and online) enables you to make changes in your life even when you don’t know what you want or where to start.

My life coaching is really just hypnotherapy but instead of moving away from a problem like the fear of spiders, we are moving towards a goal. That’s why it’s called coaching – like how a coach (bus) takes you somewhere.

See what my online sessions look and sound like. I do the majority of my life coaching over the phone/online so your location doesn’t matter and we can both save precious time by not traveling.

I have been using NLP coaching techniques for over 16 years in other jobs and have over 20 years experience of working 1-2-1 with the public. I’m now bringing all that experience together to use in my life coaching sessions.

The difference between dreams and reality is action

What is coaching used for?

Life coaching can be used for almost anything from changing your career to buying your first house.

The main question many people ask about coaching is how I can possibly make you better at something when I don’t have the skills you have.

Simple – I don’t need the skills because you have them. I just teach you how to use them better.

I can help any of the following people achieve their goals:

  • Somebody feeling lost who has no idea what they want
  • A racing driver who wants to improve their lap time
  • First time buyers looking to buy a home
  • An astronaut wanting to fill their spare time in the spaceship
  • Students suffering from exam pressure

My life coaching in Birmingham can help you pretty much whoever you are and whatever your situation is.

I have coached people that are actors, poker players, students, doctors and even some professions I’d rather not mention! I get on well with people from all walks and life and am here to coach, not judge.

There are a few things that coaching isn’t suitable for like dealing with drugs and alcohol which are best dealt with by other professional therapists trained in those areas.

For everything else, there’s life coaching.

How does life coaching work?

Life coaching is all about you finding direction to your goals from within.

One of the key points of life coaching (and hypnotherapy) is that we all have the answers within ourselves to overcome any problem or achieve any goal.

That’s quite nice when you think about it. So many people go seeking answers and expect other people to give them a magic solution when there’s no need – we’re all carrying the answers around with us already!

I’m not here to give you answers or my opinion. I don’t come up with the answers – you do.

My job is to work with you to find these answers that it would be very hard, if not impossible, to come up with yourself.

So life coaching is just talking?

It’s not quite that simple. Talking to a professional coach is different than chatting to your friends in many ways.

Firstly there is my NLP training which means that I understand how the mind works. Just from listening to people talk I can tell what the reasons are for their lives not being the way they want. These things would go straight over most peoples heads but to me they’re vital clues that we can use.

Secondly there are many techniques we can use if we run into a problem that just talking won’t help with. Let’s say you try something and can’t do it because you were too nervous.

I have a number of techniques that can help overcome nerves such as the SWISH, EFT and other rapid-cure phobia releases. You don’t need to know what those things are but think of them as tools that I have available ready for if and when we need them.

If all else fails I’m also a hypnotherapist so we can always arrange a hypnotherapy session to overcome issues before returning to coaching.

How long do you have life coaching for?

How long your life coaching sessions last depends on what you want to achieve and how complicated the issue is.

Some people have as little as three sessions and feel that’s all they need.

Some people have coaching for months or even years.

How much does life coaching cost?

You can see my life coaching prices here.

My life coaching is done on a pay as you go basis.

I don’t do packages like 10 sessions for £x because I find that doesn’t work so well.

What if you pay for 10 hours and only need 6? What if you pay for a block of 10, it takes 14 but they only sell blocks of 10?

Experience has taught me that trying to cram solutions to problems into nice round numbers just doesn’t work.

I only do pay as you go so you only pay for what you need.

Can’t I just do all this myself?

If you can then great, go for it.

The problem is that you won’t be able to see answers that someone from the outside can. You also won’t know the techniques to use to find those answers.

Imagine a football match with a coach standing on the sidelines shouting orders at their team.

How can this out-of-shape person in a suit be telling a group of fit young athletes what to do? If this coach is so good then why not put on a kit and play themselves?

A coach doesn’t need the skills to do the job, they need the ability to see things a player can’t. The players are too wrapped up in the game and can’t see what people looking in from the outside can.

We all have skills but could you fix ALL of the problems below on your own?

  • Changing the brakes on your car
  • Putting a whole new roof on your house
  • Installing a gas boiler
  • Becoming a YouTube star

We all need help at times and discovering ways to achieve your goals is no different.

But I’m too old…

Stop right there. You’re not too old, too stupid or too anything you think you are.

Those are internal thoughts. They’re not reality.

You can find out more about that on my page about NLP.

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