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Hypnotic inductions are the methods used to guide someone into hypnosis.

There are many types of hypnotic inductions with hundreds of versions of each method.

Let me show you some of the most common methods. I wonder which will be your favourite?

A (very) quick history of how hypnotic inductions developed

Hypnotic inductions are like CD’s and MP3’s. Let me explain.

Getting someone into hypnosis used to be very slow because we used to think that you HAD to do it slowly, talk slowly and be playing soft music in the background.

Over the years, people experimented and found that actually it works without doing that bit, missing out that part and, hey – it even works without music!

We’ve stripped away all the unecessary steps and now know how to induce (bring on) hypnosis very quickly.

This is like how back in the 1990’s we could only fit about 12 music tracks on a CD.

We then discovered that around 90% of the data on the CD was outside the human hearing range. We stripped away the bits we couldn’t hear which shrunk the files down to 10% of their original size.

In the same way that removing unnecessary audio allows us to fit more on a CD, removing unnecessary steps makes hypnosis faster. Some say it also takes you deeper into relaxation.

Progressive hypnotic inductions

A progressive induction is one that gradually takes you into hypnosis. It includes a lot of “unnecessary” steps from the old days when this was the only way we knew how to induce hypnosis.

There is nothing wrong with this kind of induction but it’s often referred to as boring someone into hypnosis. I think that’s a bit mean, I love the romance and style of the old ways of hypnosis such as spiral staircases and walking along beaches in mythical fantasy worlds.

If you’ve ever listened to any hypnosis videos on YouTube then you’ll have experienced this kind of induction.

Here’s one of my favourites which works great on me. One day I will make videos that are this good!

A great example of progressive induction

Rapid inductions

Rapid inductions allow you to go into hypnosis much faster than using a progressive induction.

An induction is rapid if it takes less than 4 minutes.

Rapid inductions save time, money and many people say that they take you into a deeper state of trance than slower methods.

In 2019 I attended a course run by a very experienced hypnotist to learn a variety of rapid and creative inductions. It was a fun day with 15 hypnotists all practising on each other and zapping each other into fast trances. It was also a very hot day at around 32 degrees!

As well as working faster, I can show you some very inventive ways of hypnotising people such as the butterfly induction, the little shelf and the zonk amongst many others.

I often use rapid inductions with clients and many are amazed how quickly and easily they work.

rapid hypnotic induction certificate

Instant inductions

What could be faster than a rapid induction? An instant induction.

As the name implies, these put you into trance instantly or within a few seconds.

Although you don’t have to, it’s often done by first hypnotising someone using another method and then saving that state to return to later. It’s just like how you might put a bookmark in a book so you know which page to continue from.

Instant inductions work best when you have built up good rapport with someone and it’s at least their second session.

It is not possible to put someone into hypnosis by walking up to them and saying sleep. It is possible to covertly hypnotise someone, that is to hypnotise them without them knowing you will, but even an instant induction needs a little talking to someone first before it will work.

A note about hypnotic inductions

Some hypnotic inductions involve the hypnotist touching the client’s thumb, hand, shoulder or forehead.

I rarely use these but will always check first to see if you mind being touched.

Other hypnotic inductions

You can read more about other forms of hypnotic inductions on Wikipeida.

Non-verbal inductions are fun and involve no words at all! Just by sitting and looking at someone you can make them enter a state of hypnosis.

As time goes by I will add video samples of these inductions on here because I want to show them to you.

For now just contact me if you’d like to experience them for yourself.