Hypnotherapy videos

My hypnotherapy videos show you my work and how I help people. I think it’s important to show you what I do and who I am.

Join my YouTube channel and you can chat with me and other people that with an interest in hypnotherapy. I’m slowly growing a community and it’s going to take time but I will get there and it’ll be worth it.

Click here to visit the Hypnosis Fix channel and join us all.

Hypnotherapy videos

This is a playlist of some general videos about myself, hypnotherapy and how hypnosis works.

If there is a menu at the top right of the video box, you can use it to choose the video you want from that series.

Hypnotherapy videos for anxiety

Here are a few videos I’ve made about anxiety and phobia. They give you a taste of what to expect from a session but remember that these videos are not as effective as having a personalised 1-2-1 session with me.

The future of my videos

I will be making more videos because it’s something I enjoy doing.

I have already grown another successful YouTube channel with over 38,000 subscribers and I will do the same with this channel.

You can help me grow my channel by subscribing on YouTube and watching my videos.

My videos aren’t as good as they will be but as I find my feet and get more used to recording audio with my new microphone, things will improve.

Book a hypnotherapy session with me

If you have anxiety, phobia or would like to use any of the other services that I offer then you can enquire and book your sessions online 24/7.

I offer a free 20-minute consultation to anyone before committing to a session.

Sessions are available over Zoom so you don’t even need to live close to Birmingham to benefit from my work.

To book an online hypnotherapy session contact me now.