Hypnosis for pain relief

Hypnotherapy for pain relief can help relieve long term pain when other methods have failed.

You should always go and see a doctor before seeing a hypnotherapist. Let me explain why.

How Hypnotherapy for pain relief works

When part of the body detects something is wrong it sends a message to the brain saying “Hey, something is wrong here. Send some pain my way so I can get some attention!”.

This is because of something you must understand clearly:

Pain is a warning that something is wrong.

You must not ignore pain because it’s your bodies way of telling you that you need to sort a problem out.

Hypnosis is so powerful that you can numb an area of your body to the point that you’ll feel nothing at all from that area.

Imagine how dangerous that could do be. You could be holding a really hot pan in your hand, burning your skin off and you wouldn’t even notice!

Take a look at this video where Mandy has her two front teeth removed with no anesthetic. She’s stopping the feeling of pain using hypnosis and she is a normal everyday client, not a hypnotist.

Warning: this video is a bit gory!

Hypnotherapy for cancer and terminal illness

Hypnotherapy can offer hope to cancer patients and anyone that has been diagnosed with a terminal illness.

There are many ways in which hypnotherapy can help including:

  • Pain relief – by installing a virtual pain control dial on your wrist, you’ll have the ability to control the amount of pain you feel.
  • Time distortion so that you can, in your mind, speed up time when you’re in pain and slow down time when you feel good and want it to last longer.
  • PNI (Psychoneuroimmunological cellular healing) gives you a way of telling your body to fight the disease. This can provide remarkable results and see an upturn in a patients health.
  • Glove anesthesia where you learn to numb your hand and then place it on an area of your body in pain and transfer the numbness to that area

You should never underestimate the power of your mind! Incredible things can be achieved using hypnosis.

I never claim to be able to cure illness but it has been known for patients to make remarkable recoveries or greatly improve their quality of life after using hypnotherapy.

It cannot be proven but it is believed by many that if you think about being ill then you’ll make yourself ill because you’re telling your body that is what you want.

When you focus on being well and being positive it points your mind in the right direction. That enables your body to fight back better because you’re clearly telling it what you want.

Again, none of this is scientifically proven but that is the theory that we work on when using hypnosis for pain relief.

When not to use Hypnotherapy for pain relief

Except for dental work, child birth and a few other things, hypnosis should only be used to treat long term pain after all traditional methods have been tried.

If you have a pain that just started recently then I can’t help you. You need to go and see a doctor first to make sure it’s nothing that needs attention.

In some cases I will insist on seeing a doctors note giving you permission to use hypnosis for pain relief. It’s best to contact me with details so I can say whether or not I can help.

I’m not a doctor

Please understand that I am not a doctor. I have no medical training and can’t diagnose or prescribe treatment.

Hypnosis is for when you have long-term pain that has been assessed by a doctor and it seems there is no solution. You may have a nagging joint pain that has been going on for years and is really annoying. You may have a bit of a stiff back and you’ve tried everything but it just won’t go. That’s when it’s time to use hypnosis.

If you have had a bad headache for a few days or have found a lump which is painful then that is not something I can help with. Those are signs that you need to go and see a doctor to have the issue properly assessed.

If you’re not sure if hypnosis is suitable for you then just contact me to check.

Pain relief made hypnosis what it is today

Hypnosis was used for pain relief after the first world.

Doctors and hospitals just couldn’t cope with the thousands of casualties that the war produced and needed something that could treat people fast and effectively.

Someone had the idea of using hypnosis but there was a problem.

Hypnosis had gained a bad reputation years before the war from hypnotists claiming that they had special powers. They believed only they could use hypnosis and that it was some kind of natural talent. People would travel from around the world to see these hypnotists but the medical and scientific professions were skeptical of their claims!

An investigation was launched which found these hypnotists had no special powers. They were labelled fraudsters and the reputation of hypnosis was damaged.

Were they fraudsters or did they misunderstand hypnosis and really believed they had special powers? We’ll never know but nowadays we understand hypnosis better as I explain on my page about all hypnosis is self hypnosis.

Back to the war, these were desperate times. With so many injured and in need of help it was decided to give hypnosis another chance. Maybe it could help and things couldn’t get any worse than they were.

When the the second World War began we again turned to hypnosis due a shortage of doctors and medical supplies. Anesthetics that prevent people from feeling pain during operations just weren’t available.

When the war as over, hypnosis became approved and recognised by medical associations across the world.

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