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Why don’t I do free consultatoins?

If you want a consultation to ask questions or see if I can help then that’s fine. What I’m talking about is the kind of consultation where you talk about your problems and answer a long list of questions about it.

Hypnotherapy just doesn’t need to dive into your past like that because that isn’t how it works.

Let me share some secrets of hypnotherapy and you’ll see what I mean.

The problem is never the problem

A fear of spiders has nothing to do with spiders.

Back pain has nothing to do with your back (that’s why doctors can’t fix it).

The problem you’re seeing now is just the way the real problem is presenting itself. A fear of spiders could be caused by your mind protecting you from danger due to you dropping an ice cream when you were a kid just as you saw a spider. I’ll explain how that’s works in a moment.

Would you ever have found that using other therapies where you answer a series of questions with your conscious mind? No chance!

This is why hypnotherapy is such a brilliant tool and why it can fix problems much faster than traditional talking therapies. Other methods like CBT and psychotherapy have their uses but the problem is they’re talking to the conscious mind.

Hypnotherapy talks to the subconscious mind which knows all the answers and has all the solutions. We avoid weeks, even months, of probing into your past by getting straight to the root cause of the issue in a way other therapies just can’t.

I don’t even need to know what the issue is. I have fixed problems for clients and changed their lives without ever even knowing what the problem was!

How can I do that?

Because the problem is never the problem.

What is the problem then?

A fear of spiders could be caused by you dropping an ice cream as a kid.

Sounds weird doesn’t it? Let me explain how your mind works then it’ll make more sense.

When you have a bad experience, your mind attaches sights, sounds and feelings to it.

Imagine that when you were a kid you dropped your ice cream and it really upset you. We all know how kids always scream and cry when they drop ice cream because to them it’s the worst thing ever. The mind may even mistake the words “ice cream” and “I scream”.

Soon after dropping your ice cream, you saw a spider. Your mind then attaches the pain you are experiencing to the image of that spider.

Whenever you see a spider from that point on, your mind protects you from the pain by making you scared to get you away from it.

Spiders have nothing to do with your problem, it was all the ice cream.

Of course, that sounds really silly and that’s the point – your conscious brain tells your subconscious how daft it is and the problem goes instantly. Just by finding the issue, you can often get instant relief from the problem

Would you ever have found that by talking and thinking about it? No!

And that’s why I don’t waste my time digging up your past with a long consultation.

If you want someone who knows what they’re doing and how to get results without even having to know details of what your issue is then contact me now.