Hypnotherapy for surgery

Hypnotherapy for surgery can help whether you have a fear of having an operation, a fear of needles or want to recover faster afterwards.

I have had two operations myself and wrote this page as I went through my second one.

Below is a free video you can watch after going through surgery which can help you sleep and maybe even recover faster. As always there is no magic and no miracles in my work – it’s psychology and science.

How hypnotherapy for surgery works

It’s perfectly normal to be feel anxious about an operation. You’re certainly not alone and many people dread having any kind of surgery done.

This is all down to the way your mind percieves what is going to happen. The way you feel about things comes down to the images you make in your mind and the words you associate with the experience.

If you think of pain, needles, hospital and death when someone mentions an operation then it’s no wonder you have problems!

The good news is that we can use hypnosis, and even non-hypnotic techniques, to change the way you experience operations.

Let’s have a look at some common fears that people have and how hypnosis can help.

Fear of needles

This is a very common fear and certainly a problem if you need an operation. It’s very likely you’ll need an injection when you have a local or general anaesthetic or have to give a blood sample.

If you have a fear of needles then see that page for more info.

Fear of hospitals

Most, if not all, operations are done in hospitals so being afraid of them is certainly an issue.

The fear of hospitals often comes from something that happened in your past. We can find out what that event was and then release the feelings that you associate with it.

Think of it like when you hear a piece of music and it reminds you of a bad time in your life. You may well think that you’ll hate that song forever but by finding out exactly why you link negative feelings with it, we can alter the way you experience that music forever.

Whether the link to negative feelings is hospitals, driving or anything else doesn’t matter. The reason you have a fear of hospitals is the same as why some people fear spiders or driving.

Hypnotherapy for surgery/operations

The fear of having an operation is very common.

As with the methods mentioned above, we will get straight to the root cause of this fear and work to resolve it.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know why you are afraid of operations or if you’ve had this problem all your life. People often think that a problem they’ve had for years won’t be as easy to get rid of. The truth is that it’s often easier because we have so much to look at when it comes to finding out why you have the problem.

Hypnosis can help with other issues related to hospitals

There are way too many various problems with hospitals and surgery for me to list here.

The point is that it doesn’t matter what the fear is, we deal with it in the same way. You might think you can’t be helped because you’re scared of something I haven’t mentioned here. That’s not true; help is available no matter what your problem is.

Me going through surgery using hypnosis

This video shows me going through surgery for a tonsillectomy in August 2020. See how I make a fast a recovery which is partly down to me using hypnosis.

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