Hypnotherapy for sleep

Hypnotherapy for sleep can help you get the good nights sleep you’ve been dreaming of.

Not being able to sleep (insomnia) is a terrible problem that can take over your life. You feel tired all the time, never have any energy, and get irritated more easily than usual.

Hypnotherapy can help and you can learn simple methods that can get you a good night’s sleep whenever you want.

Hypnotherapy for sleep problems

Have you tried free hypnosis tracks for sleep and found they don’t work?

That’s because those free videos and audio tracks only focus on getting you to sleep but NOT the problem that is stopping you from sleeping. It’s like putting a plaster over the problem but not fixing it.

There’s nothing wrong with these videos/audio and they do actually work well but only once the main issue has been resolved. You can find out more about this on my page Do YouTube hypnosis videos work?

If you have a problem sleeping then it’s most likely caused by an unresolved issue in your mind.

Imagine if your life was perfect with no health issues, millions of pounds in the bank, a huge house, no need to work, a great social life, and no stress at all. Would you have trouble sleeping then?

The point is that not being able to sleep is rarely anything other than your mind just not being able to relax because of overthinking.

By removing the issue that’s causing the overthinking we can help you relax and go to sleep each night easily.

What happens in hypnotherapy for sleep sessions?

We start off talking to find out what the cause of the problem is.

Sometimes people know because it’s something obvious like a recent traumatic event in their lives or a change of job etc.

Other times it’s not so obvious.

Sleeping problems can come from nowhere and even if you’ve never had trouble sleeping before you can suddenly find yourself awake all night.

Whatever the cause we’ll find it by using hypnosis. The way we find the cause is a lot more effective than just trying to work it out by thinking about it. The trouble with that is that your conscious mind just can’t access the part where the problem lies.

Hypnosis is easy to do and painless. Even if you’ve never done it before we can have you enjoying this lovely relaxing state in minutes. I warn you now that there is a high chance of you falling asleep during the session!

If that happens then don’t worry because your time isn’t wasted. Hypnotherapy works even if you are asleep, in fact, that’s when your mind is at it’s most receptive. If you whisper something in someone’s ear as they sleep they’ll often act on it without even knowing.

Most of the time though we do need you conscious to use the following technique.

Regression for sleep issues

You may have heard of regression therapy before.

People often think it’s about going back to childhood but it’s more than just that; it’s a way of going back to any point in your life and finding what’s causing the issue of you not being able to sleep.

Regression therapy is very fast and highly effective. We use a technique that involves you whizzing back in time to various points in your life. You’ll get to experience things you may have long forgotten which could be could the cause of your insomnia now.

Often just finding the problem is enough to stop it. It’s not quite that simple and you should only do this with someone that’s been trained in hypnotherapy such as myself. Not dealing with what comes up properly or ending the session incorrectly can potentially make the problem worse.

If nothing obvious comes up using regression then there are many other techniques we can use such as parts therapy.

Parts therapy

Parts therapy involves finding the part of you that is stopping you from sleeping and changing its behaviour.

We’re all made up of parts, not parts like your heart and legs but mental parts.

You’ve no doubt had times in your life when part of you wanted to do one thing and another part of you wanted to do something else. Those are your parts.

By using various methods we can change the way these parts behave and the good news is that not only will that get rid of the problem but the part causing the trouble can even help you sleep better!

It’s often just the case that for some reason a part of you is stopping you sleeping because it thinks that’s what you want.

Why would anyone not want to sleep?

Imagine someone woke to find their house had been broken into or that during the night a pipe had leaked. It can be anything like that or things far less obvious.

Some part of you remembers that and stops you sleeping because it doesn’t want you to have to go through that experience again.

Parts therapy allows us to find that part and tell it that just because it happened once doesn’t mean it’ll happen again.

Your mind is coming up with the equation that sleep=bad things happen.

Of course, that’s not true but you can’t change things by telling your conscious mind that. You need to be in hypnosis and accessing your subconscious mind.

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