hypnotherapy for phobias

Hypnotherapy for phobias can help get rid of your problem and allow you to live your life without fear.

Using hypnotherapy we can fix the fear of many things including:

You can also read my page on hypnotherapy for anxiety for more details of similar issues that may not fall under the category of phobia.

Don’t worry about the label you give the problem because we’re going to rip it up anyway!

How hypnotherapy for phobias works

Hypnotherapy for phobias works by changing the way your mind reacts to the thing that you have a phobia of.

If the sight of a needle usually makes you sweat and panic then we can simply change that so your mind learns that it’s OK to see a needle and there’s no need to panic.

Simple phobias like being afraid of spiders, snakes etc. are quite easy to get rid of.

We won’t remove the fear totally though, depending on what the problem is. If you have a fear of spiders for example, it’s still wise to wary of 8 feet wide poisonous spiders. Just not normal spiders that you see around your house.

More complex phobias such as agoraphobia (a fear of being outdoors) are more difficult to overcome but it’s still possible.

There are many techniques we can use to overcome the fear so here are just a few for you to think about.

Finding the cause of phobia

Finding the course of a phobia is fascinating to me and something I really enjoy doing.

Clients often have no idea why they are afraid of things and when we find out there’s often a “So that’s what it was!” moment.

Just knowing what it was is often enough for the phobia to go. Here’s an example.

John’s fear of spiders

John didn’t know why he was scared of spiders. Whenever he saw one he would start crying, shaking and be unable to control his fear.

During hypnosis he went back to a time when he’d had been in a serious car crash as a child. His mother was killed and he was seriously injured but survived.

At first John couldn’t understand why this event was in his mind. Obviously he hadn’t forgotten it but what did this have to do with a fear of spiders?

After talking through the sequence of events leading up to the crash John suddenly gasped. Guess what John remembered seeing crawling over his hand just moments before the crash happened?

A spider.

John’s mind was linking any image of a spider to the emotions and physical pain he felt in that car crash. To his mind it was the spider that had caused all that pain and not the car crash.

John had forgotten about the spider but the memory was as clear as day while in hypnosis.

After telling John’s mind that the spider wasn’t the cause of the pain his fear of spiders went and he never felt scared of them again.

Who would have thought that it was all about a car crash? You just never know what the cause is going to be.

Techniques used in hypnotherapy for phobias

Here are some of the common techniques and methods we use for dealing with phobias while you’re hypnotised.


You’ll go back in time to the first moment that you had an encounter with whatever it is you have a phobia of.

This often produces an emotional response known as an abreaction. That’s when you have a release of emotional energy which can be tears, anger, joy or any other emotion.

Although not pleasant, it’s often necessary to go through this because we’re releasing the fear.

You’ll then go from the bad situation to a safe place. We’ll then pop you back over into the bad situation before going back to the safe place.

By popping between the two places your mind starts to realise that the “bad” situation isn’t bad at all.

Rewriting history

Using hypnosis we’ll go back to the time when you first had this phobia and rewrite history by changing what happened in your mind.

You probably have no idea when the first time was but don’t worry because it’s there in your mind. It’s just like finding a book in a huge library. Hypnosis is like asking a librarian that’s worked there for decades to help you find it.

Once we’ve found this first time we can change the way you remember it. You may see it as a video playing on a huge cinema screen and you’ll have an editing program to use so you can change what happened.

Wind it back, fast forward and change the bits you don’t like. This will change the way your mind responds to things in the future because it will no longer have the bad memory of it from the past.

Dealing with embarrassing issues

There are times when your issue is caused by something you don’t want to talk about.

It’s not always essential for me to know what the problem is so don’t worry. If you feel terrified whenever you see a wheelie bin then you don’t have to tell me. This is what we call content free therapy.

Generally it does work better if we can talk about it but if you feel you’d rather not say then just let me know.

Use hypnotherapy for phobias yourself

If you have a phobia that’s been bugging you throughout your life then contact me today and you could be free from it sooner than you think.