Hypnotherapy for needle phobia

Hypnotherapy for needle phobia can help you overcome your fear and anxiety of injections (Trypanophobia), vaccines and giving blood.

Whether you’ve recently developed this phobia or it’s plagued you for years doesn’t matter. We can fix it and have you rid of this problem in as little as one session.

Let’s take a look at why you have this phobia and how easy it can be to change it. With the Covid-19 vaccinations now taking place, it’s never been more important to be able to have an injection.

This video shows you how we can get rid of your needle phobia

Hypnotherapy for needle phobia

Your fear of needles comes from your mind reacting to the thought of them in an irrational way.

The way you feel about anything in life comes from two things: the images you make in your head and the words you associate with the experience.

Imagine that you’re at the doctor’s right now and they get out a needle to give you an injection. What images and words come to mind?

They’re most likely negative things like you seeing this needle sticking in your arm or feeling pain. You may be thinking that there’s some danger attached to the experience.

All we need to do is change the way your mind experiences having an injection or seeing a needle and your fear will vanish. Many people can look at a needle and have an injection without giving it a second thought. In fact, at the time of writing this, I had an injection only last week!

There’s no reason why you can’t be one of those people. In fact, you already are but you just don’t know it.

Now let’s look at how we go about fixing needle phobia.

How does hypnotherapy work for needle phobia?

Most fear or phobia of needles can be traced back to an event in your life that triggered this reaction.

In some cases, it may be something obviously related to needles like a doctor or nurse being rough with you. It may be that you have a general dislike of medical things altogether.

In many cases, the link is not that obvious. The reason you have a phobia of needles is often nothing at all to do with needles, doctors or medical settings. It could be something as unlikely as eating a bag of crisps!

How could eating a bag of crisps give you a fear of needles? Let me explain.

One day you were eating crisps from a bag when you felt a sharp pain. After inspecting the bag you found a needle in there that you had stabbed your hand with. Your parents rushed you to the hospital and your mind has since linked the experience of a needle with that traumatic time in your life.

You’d be amazed at the things people come out with. Long forgotten memories will seem like they happened yesterday when you’re in hypnosis. You may have totally forgotten about an event such as that but your mind hasn’t and that’s the problem.

There isn’t always something in your history causing the problem. Sometimes it can be for other reasons that we’ll look at next.

Other reasons for needle phobia

If your phobia has only started recently then it’s less likely to be caused by something from the past. It can be, it may just be that a recent event has triggered that memory in your mind, but there are other reasons for having a phobia.

It could be part of your mind is producing fear because it thinks it’s helping you by doing so. Think of it like a part of you protecting you from harm by stopping you having anything to do with needles.

The thing is, the part has got it wrong. It’s trying to help but it’s really just getting in the way and stopping you doing something you want to.

Once we find the reason behind your fear then that’s often all it takes to change it. Note how I say change it, not get rid of it. We don’t get rid of a part of you that has been doing a good job of keeping you safe, we simply change its role so instead of making you afraid of needles you may even enjoy watching having an injection!

Why hypnotherapy works so well

You may be racking your mind to find this part or the event that caused you to have a fear of needles but you’re unlikely to find it without hypnosis.

Hypnosis allows you to relax and access your subconscious mind where the answer lies.

During hypnotherapy, you’re able to much more easily think about things and find the information you need. Hypnosis also allows you to take in suggestions better.

How many hypnotherapy sessions are needed for needle phobia?

The good news is that it can take as little as one session lasting up to an hour. In many cases, the problem goes in 20 minutes.

It’s different for everyone and it does depend on what the cause is but it won’t take months or even weeks.

This doesn’t mean we will rush it and if you want more sessions you can. Sometimes people like to work on other things or it may be that there are multiple causes which all need working on.

Just know that it is relatively simple to get rid of phobias so long as you find the root cause and don’t just superficially plaster over the problem with nothing more than me giving you suggestions you’ll be fine and not to worry.

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