Hypnotherapy for the fear of spiders

Hypnotherapy for fear of spiders (arachnophobia) works incredibly well.

If you have a fear of spiders ask yourself this: can a spider walk over your hand?

The answer is yes.

You might not like it and be scared so much you feel like passing out but it is physically possible for a spider to walk over your hand.

The point is that you can do it. You were not born with this spider phobia, nobody is. It’s something you have learnt and therefore something you can unlearn.

Here’s how we do that.

How hypnotherapy for fear of spiders works

A phobia of spiders is caused by your mind linking fear and spiders.

This can be caused by many things such as:

  • Seeing a spider just before being in a car crash
  • Seeing a spider when you were high up
  • Any other random, silly thing

Your mind is associating spiders with those bad experiences.

If you had a car crash soon after seeing a spider then your mind is linking the pain from the crash with the image of the spider.

For the heights one, your mind is thinking that spiders and heights go hand in hand.

Spider = you’re going to fall off a building and die.

It sounds silly when we say it like that but that’s the way the mind works. Your mind is very powerful but also very childish.

See my page The problem is not the problem to discover more about how your mind links random things with others to create phobias.

In this video I explain more about how hypnotherapy for phobia works

How we fix your fear of spiders

First, we’ll have a quick chat where I can answer any questions and explain how hypnosis works. If you want a detailed explanation then see my page on How hypnosis works.

If you have never used hypnosis before then don’t worry because you have! We all enter hypnosis many times each day. You’ve already done it thousands of times.

If you want to get a head start then visit my page What happens in a hypnotherapy session? You’ll be able to watch several videos from me explaining how it works and you can even have fun doing a little test to see how you take to hypnosis.

The best way of fixing this issue is usually by using what we call regression. Once you’re in hypnosis we’ll go back to the first time you had this issue, Don’t worry if you have no idea what’s causing it – that’s because you’re thinking with your conscious mind at the moment.

In hypnosis, you’ll be using your subconscious mind to find the problem. The original memory is in there somewhere and I’ll help guide you to find it.

Once you find that then we can teach your mind to stop associating this event with spiders.

You never know what it’s going to be and it may surprise you when you find out what it is. Sometimes it can be so funny it’ll make you laugh!

How would you like to feel about spiders instead?

You can’t get rid of behaviour, you can only change it.

It doesn’t work to just tell yourself to stop being afraid because the part of you that’s afraid won’t know what else to do. That’s where many self-help sessions and therapists go wrong.

How would you like to feel when you see a spider?

You can choose to feel calm, happy or even excited.

We always leave sensible fears in place. It’s good to stay wary of some spiders. If you’re on holiday and see a large poisonous one then it would be daft to go and pet it.

You won’t be afraid of house spiders in the UK though and you will be able to deal with them without panic attacks and fear.

How long does it take to fix a spider phobia?

Fixing a fear of spiders usually only takes 1 session, sometimes 2 but it is different for everyone. Around 90% of the time one session is all it takes.

This shows you just how easy it is. It really is as simple as finding the originating cause of the issue and changing the way you think about it.

Sometimes there can be more to it but for most people that’s all it is.

Hypnotherapy from the comfort and safety of your home

I offer online hypnotherapy so you can enjoy the benefits of my sessions without even leaving your home.

It doesn’t matter where you are in the UK or even the world, my Zoom hypnotherapy sessions allow us to work together wherever you are.

All you need is a phone, tablet, PC, laptop or whatever device you choose. Visit the pages linked at the start of this paragraph to find out more about how it works and see sample video of online sessions.

If you prefer real life sessions then I do offer those in Birmingham and the surrounding areas.

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