Hypnotherapy for fear of public speaking

Hypnotherapy for fear of public speaking (Glossophobia) can help you lose your fear and be a bold, confident presence on stage.

Whether you want to make a speech at a wedding, sing on stage or address a group of people, hypnotherapy can help.

How hypnotherapy for fear of public speaking works

A fear of public speaking comes from something in your mind trying to protect you.

At some point in the past you’ll have had an experience that your mind has linked with speaking in public.

It can be anything from:

  • Having frozen on stage before
  • Getting nervous when talking at school in front of the class
  • Something totally unrelated to public speaking

There are times in all of our lives when we need to speak in front of people like when being asked to a wedding.

There’s no need to avoid public speaking and make excuses. We can fix this.

How to make the change

We usually use regression therapy to help over this fear.

By going back in time in your mind, we’ll be able to pinpoint the exact time that this fear came into your life.

It’s not always as obvious as you may think. The thing that’s causing it may have nothing to do with a time that you had to give a speech.

It could be that years ago at school you had an argument with a friend just before a lesson where you had to talk in front of the class.

Your mind could be associating that argument with public speaking. Your mind thinks you’re going to feel angry and stressed every time you speak in public or perform on stage. That’s why it fires off these warning signs and makes you not want to do it.

Find out more by reading my page on what happens in a hypnotherapy session?

Hypnotherapy for fear of public speaking session

Here you can watch me doing a hypnotherapy session for stage fright with Steve. Small parts of the session have been cut but it gives you an idea of what to expect.

This is just one way of fixing the problem and it may not be appropriate for you. You’ll see me using a slower induction than normal as this was the first session I ever did and have improved my methods since.

I don’t need to know as much information about your problem as you see me taking here. We can fix it without you telling me anything.

Here’s what Steve had to say after the hypnotherapy for stage fright:

Paul is a great guy, I went to see him about some stage fright i have, if i get on stage in front of people, i start sweating profusely, legs start to shake really bad (bit like Elvis) obviously this hinders any chance i have at performing music.. After seeing Paul, i attended an open mic night, and although it didn’t go the best (forgot chords, lyrics, and even started a song in the wrong key) i remained relatively calm, i didn’t sweat, nor did any part of me start shaking. First time on the stage playing a guitar in-front of a pub full of people, and it was a great success in my eyes. If you need help with anything, go see what Paul can do. Thank you Paul.


How would you like to feel instead?

We don’t just get rid of your fear of public speaking, we’ll change it to work for you instead.

How will you like it when you can look forward to going up on stage?

What if you enjoyed it and actually wanted to sing/talk more in front of people?

We can make it happen and you can notice changes in as little as one session.

Contact me now to book your sessions and remember to mention me on stage when you do your speech!