Hypnotherapy for fear of heights

Hypnotherapy for fear of heights (Acrophobia) helps you live your life without avoiding heights.

The fear of heights is one two natural fears we’re born with (the other being loud noises) so the way that we deal with it is a little different.

Let’s have a look at how hypnosis works for the fear of heights.

How hypnotherapy for fear of heights works

The reason you’re scared of heights is that part of your mind has an irrational fear of them. This causes an extreme reaction which is unwanted.

It’s healthy to have a fear of heights to some degree because it keeps us a live. Most people would feel a bit uneasy when standing at the top of a tall building or a tall ladder.

If you’re reading this page (which you are) then you most likely have a more unusual reaction than just feeling uneasy.

Maybe you cry or break out in a sweat. You might even collapse and just be unable to control your emotions.

All of those things can be helped using hypnosis.

An important part to play

Using hypnosis, we can talk to your subconscious mind and find the part of you that is causing this issue.

Strange as it may sound, you’ll actually get to talk to the problem!

You can ask it why it’s making you afraid of heights and tell it to stop it. We never just remove this part: it’s doing a great job and why would you want to get rid of something that’s doing a great job?

Think of it like having a member of staff who is a great person but keeps upsetting customers on the phone.

You don’t need to sack them, you just need to tell them to stop doing it and find another role for them.

We do the same thing with the part of you that’s causing the issue. Instead of feeling nervous when you’re up high you can choose to feel calm, happy or whatever you like.

How long does it take to fix a fear of heights?

The fear of heights is a slightly more complex one than the fear of spiders or fear of driving.

We can still overcome it but it may take 3 to 6 sessions, sometimes more.

This is all because it’s perfectly natural to have a fear of heights and we must get the balance right between fixing it and leaving you with a sensible respect.

It’s no good fixing your fear so much that you want to go parachuting off every bridge you see.

Conquer your fear of heights

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