Hypnotherapy for fear of flying

Hypnotherapy for fear of flying (aviophobia) is highly effective.

Many people think they are stuck with a fear of flying and that it’s impossible to get rid off.


You can get rid of your fear in flying in as little as one session with online hypnotherapy or with a face to face session in Birmingham.

How hypnotherapy for fear of flying works

You are not born with a fear of flying. It’s a fear that you learn so therefore you can easily unlearn it.

Your fear of flying is because of your subconscious mind firing off a warning signal to your body. We can change this so that instead of feeling scared you will feel calm, relaxed and even enjoy flying!

Many people that get over their fear of flying can’t stop flying all over the place once the issue is fixed.

All we have to do is use hypnosis to talk to your subconscious mind and tell it to change the way it reacts when you are about to fly.

Using hypnosis to find the cause of your fear

The most effective techniques for finding the source of your problem are regression therapy and parts therapy.

Regression therapy for fear of flying

Regression therapy is very powerful and allows us to go back to the very first time you experienced the problem. You’ll be whisked back in time (in your mind) to the first time you ever had the fear.

Once you know what’s causing it then 99% of the time that gets rid of the problem as your mind stops being silly and realises it’s nothing to be afraid of.

What could be the cause? You never know and that’s what I love about my job! I’ve heard things from tripping down the stairs to a horrific incident with a vending machine.

How can knowing what causes it help? Well you see your mind can falsely associate falling down the stairs with flying. It may be that you tripped down the stairs just before your first plane journey and your mind is linking the two things. Your mind is very powerful but also very silly.

Once we separate your experience of tripping down stairs from flying then your mind won’t trigger off the bad feeling when you get on a plane.

Parts therapy for fear of flying

Parts therapy is a great way of overcoming your fear of flying: you get to talk to the problem!

Yes, you can actually talk to the part of your mind that’s causing the issue and tell it to stop it.

We never just get rid of this part of your mind because that doesn’t work. That’s why quitting smoking is so hard. You can’t just get rid of something, the secret is to replace it with something else.

We will replace the bad thoughts with positive ones.

You’ll smile instead of sweating and will be looking forward to the flight for days leading up to it.

How nice would that be?

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