Overcome driving anxiety

Do you want to overcome driving anxiety?

My name is Paul and as well as being a hypnotherapist specialising in getting rid of driving anxiety, I am also one of the UK’s leading driving instructors.

I’ve taught over 1,000 people to drive over the last 20 years and have helped hundreds of anxious drivers pass their driving test and overcome fears related to driving.

See my driving school website for even more pages of free information and videos.

What causes driving anxiety?

Driving anxiety is caused by your mind seeing something that isn’t there.

Imagine that one day you hear the news that one of your friends has died. You are very upset and emotional and go driving afterwards. Your mind then links driving to the feelings related to the loss of your friend. I know it sounds silly but that’s how your mind works.

Now when you drive (sometimes after many years) your mind thinks you’re going to feel that same pain of when your friend died. To protect you it does all it can to stop you by making you feel anxious and nervous.

Driving anxiety can be caused by other things such as a part of you wants to stop you driving for some other reason. Whatever the reason is, we’ll find it. and fix it.

The video below explains this more and gives you a fun little thing to do to show you how your mind can easily be fooled into thinking something is there when it isn’t.

After watching this video you’ll understand why you have driving anxiety

Get rid of driving anxiety online from the safety of home

I offer sessions online to overcome driving anxiety. All you need is a phone, PC or anything that can run Zoom.

To find out more about how we get rid of your anxiety see my page what happens in a hypnotherapy session? That page is full of info and videos where you can take part in fun little experiments to help show you how your mind works and how we can change the way it reacts when you’re driving.

The video below shows me doing an online hypnotherapy session for driving anxiety to give you an idea of what to expect in your session.

There are many different techniques we can use to fix the problem and in this one, we’re using something called parts therapy.

Parts therapy is a powerful tool that allows you to talk directly to the part of your mind that’s causing the issue. You can tell it to change and even make it so that instead of making you anxious it fills you with confidence instead.

Get rid of your anxiety now

There’s no need to live with a fear of driving. Using some simple techniques the problem can go in as little as an hour although it can take longer.

Even if you have a specific situation that you get scared in and don’t want to tell me what it is then we can still work with that!

For more information regarding driving anxiety then please see my pages on my driving school site hypnotherapy for driving and hypnosis for driving anxiety.

If you need help with the driving test in particular, anywhere in the world, then I’ve written a detailed page on my driving school site about driving test nerves hypnosis.

Contact me now to get rid of your driving anxiety.