hypnotherapy for driving phobia

Hypnotherapy for driving phobia is one of my specialties.

I have been one of the UK’s leading driving instructor for over 17 years, having made hundreds of videos helping people learn to drive and feel more relaxed when driving.

Driving anxiety can come from simply not learning to drive properly in the first place. Many drivers I work with are amazed to find out that they’ve been doing simple things incorrectly for years!

I have the advantage over other hypnotherapists in that I’m legally allowed to take money for driving tuition. That means we can work on your driving anxiety using hypnosis and then even go out and do a professional driving lesson afterwards!

For more information regarding driving anxiety then please see my page on my driving school site hypnosis for driving anxiety.

Hypnotherapy for driving phobia

Hypnosis can change the way your mind reacts when you encounter things that can scare you like driving.

Many people suffer from driving anxiety, in fact those that don’t are often the very worse drivers that cause the anxiety for others!

Hypnosis can allow you to calm your mind and feel more relaxed behind the wheel. If you’ve been driving for a long time or have only just started doesn’t matter. You can get rid of driving anxiety no matter how long you’ve had it for.

The free video below shows how hypnosis helps with driving anxiety.

Let me help with your driving phobia

There’s no need to live with a fear of driving. Using some simple techniques the problem can go in as little as an hour.

Even for more complex cases it usually only takes two or three hours of hypnotherapy for you to see the benefits.

If you don’t want to use hypnosis for any reason then there are other techniques we can use that don’t involve hypnosis at all.

Even if you have a specific situation that you get scared in and don’t want to tell me what it is then we can still work with that!

For more information, see my page on hypnosis for anxiety.

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