Hypnotherapy for confidence

Hypnotherapy for confidence in Birmingham and online via Zoom can help you become the person you want to be.

Do you suffer from low self-esteem? Do you lack confidence or feel that good things don’t happen to you?

Hypnotherapy can help you overcome this problem once and for all.

Why do I lack confidence?

The reason you lack confidence is that your subconscious mind is sending negative messages to your conscious mind.

Negative thoughts are very powerful. Just look at the way that the news always focuses on negative messages: wars, disease, terrorism.

Imagine that 95% of the population of a country is healthy and 5% have a disease. Which of the following two headlines would the news publish?

  • 63 million people feel great
  • Millions die from killer virus

They would go for the second one because it’s negative and has a far more lasting impact on people. The word millions is vague and makes people want to know more. The words die, killer and virus are all negative.

Studies have shown that it takes seven positive comments to equal one negative comment. Negative comments stick in your mind and are what you focus on because you believe them to be true even if they aren’t.

This is the problem that we fix using hypnosis.

How hypnotherapy works for confidence

A lack of confidence almost always comes from something that happened in your past.

Everything about you comes from your past because it has to; we haven’t lived the future yet! That means we can change what happens in that future.

Hypnosis allows us to go back in time and find the point in your past that gave you low self-esteem and a lack of confidence.

Your lack of confidence can be caused by anything from the following list:

  • Something a teacher said to you at school
  • A belief a parent or guardian passed on to you
  • A film you watched that left an imprint in your mind
  • A spiteful comment someone once said

It can be many other things too but those are the most common.

Using hypnosis we’ll take a trip back in time and find out exactly what it was that gave you the issue you have today.

It doesn’t matter if you can’t remember it and you’ve been trying to work it out for years. It’s very different when you use hypnosis because you’ll be able to access your subconscious mind where the answer lies. Trying to find the answer now is almost impossible because you’re using your conscious mind.

Once we find the cause of your lack of confidence

Very often just finding the cause alone is enough to start shaking things up and make huge changes. Let me give you an example from my life.

When I was about 13 years old I went to a drama class at school. I hated drama. In fact, I used to dread that lesson every week. I was alway very quiet and reserved and didn’t like having to act these stupid roles (like being a tree) in front of a whole class.

One day our usual teacher wasn’t available so they sent the history teacher to do the class. He asked us to act out the job that we wanted to do when we were older and just before we did so, he said…

“Of course don’t bother acting as a doctor. It’s too late for any of you here to achieve that and you’re not clever enough anyway”.

Over 25 years later when undergoing hypnotherapy myself, that memory came back. I’d forgotten about it until then and yet that had been the cause of problems for over 25 years!

Those 2 simple sentences had caused me issues for years but now I know that it doesn’t hold me back. I can see how wrong that teacher was and they’ll never know how much damage they did. The thing is they probably only meant it as a joke but my mind didn’t take it that way.

With that knowledge I was able to forgive him, release the issue and go on to help others just as I’m helping you now.

As a sad end to this tale, that teacher lost his mind a few years later. He was found walking around the town shops in his underwear asking people who he was.

Using hypnotherapy to grow your confidence

Once we have found the root cause of your confidence issue we can begin changing your future.

You are not stuck the way you are. Your past is not your future.

Many people think that confidence is something you are either born with or without. That is NOT true; anyone can be confident.

You may have seen cases where someone who was once outgoing and confident suffers an assault or other trauma which changes them. They become withdrawn and lack confidence. That proves that anyone can switch between the two states.

Using techniques such as time-shifting, we can go into your future and you get to say exactly how it looks.

You decide on the person you want to be and that’s what you’ll become. In much the same way that a ship sails in the direction you point it, your life goes the way you aim for.

Whether you want a new career, to start a family or move home I can help you achieve that.

As well as being a hypnotherapist I’m also a trained NLP life coach. I can help you achieve whatever you want by working out what you need to do to achieve it and how to remove any blocks in your way.

A great example of using hypnotherapy to improve confidence

Here is the best example there is for showing how hypnotherapy can improve confidence.

In this incredible show, Derren Brown takes a young man lacking in confidence and direction and sees if he can get him to land a plane full of passengers after the pilot suffers an illness.

Surely it can’t be done, can it? You can find out more about Derren and his amazing work at http://derrenbrown.co.uk/

Hypnotherapy for confidence

I can help you change your life and overcome whatever barriers are stopping you.

We can do your sessions remotely as well with online hypnotherapy for confidence from the comfort of your own home.

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