Hypnotherapy for anxiety Birmingham

Do you suffer from anxiety that is holding you back? Hypnotherapy can help you overcome anxiety and start living your life how you want to.

There are only two fears that we are born with: loud noises and heights. I can still help if one of those two is an issue but any other fear you have is something you’ve learnt and therefore something you can unlearn.

My hypnotherapy practice online and in Birmingham can help you overcome the anxiety of many things including:

I don’t need to know what the problem is. We can fix it without me ever knowing and you can read more on this further down the page.

You’ll want to read my page on hypnosis for phobias if your issue relates more to things like fear of spiders or fear of heights.

This video explains how your anxiety is just the way a problem presents itself to you, it’s not the problem itself.

How hypnotherapy for anxiety works

Hypnosis works by changing the way your mind reacts to the situation. At the moment your mind will be screaming “Danger!” whenever you encounter the situation that sets your anxiety off.

We will change this reaction so that instead of screaming, you mind will be calm. You won’t even be bothered by the situation.

We won’t remove the fear totally though, depending on what the problem is. If you have a fear of spiders for example, it’s still wise to wary of 8 feet wide poisonous spiders. Just not normal spiders that you see around your house.

It can seem odd to think that something that has caused you a lifetime of distress and fear can be solved so quickly but it really can.

I have been through his myself and it really is great when you encounter a situation that used to bother you and absolutely nothing happens! It’s as though you never had the problem in the first place.

You might be made anxious by having to fly, take your driving test or any other situation that makes you nervous.

If you haven’t already done so then read my page on how hypnosis works to understand more.

Dealing with private or embarrassing issues

There may be times when your issue is caused by something you don’t want to talk about.

It’s not essential for me to know what the problem is so don’t worry. This is what we call content-free therapy.

How can it possibly work?

It’s actually easier for me when I don’t know what the issue is because hypnotherapy doesn’t analyse things.

With some therapies, you are forced into talking about private or painful things which the therapist then analyses to try and find the link between those events and your current problem.

Hypnotherapy works in a much faster and more direct way. You simply tell your subconscious mind to give you the answer and it will. I’ll then guide you through a simple course of actions that you take to change the way your mind sees things.

That’s why I don’t need to know what the issue is. It wouldn’t help because I don’t need to analyse it. If you want to say what it is then you can but it’s not essential. Many times I work with clients who successfully fix issues in their lives without me even knowing what they were.

Fix your anxiety with hypnotherapy

If you suffer from anxiety and would like to use hypnosis to get rid of it then contact me today.