Hypnotherapy for weight loss Birmingham

Hypnotherapy for weight loss is very effective.

Have you ever tried losing weight, lost it and then found that it all comes back after a few months?

Let me explain why that is and how hypnosis is different.

Why normal diets often fail

If you lose something then what’s the first thing you do?

You go looking for it.

That’s why normal diets often don’t work: when you lose weight your mind goes looking for the weight because it wants it back!

It’s no different to losing your keys, your job or your hair. If you lose something then your mind wants it back.

You can spend months counting calories, eating like a rabbit and spending hours exercising only for all of your efforts to be wasted.

If you want to lose weight then you should focus on the mind, not the body.

How Hypnotherapy for weight loss works

Hypnosis for weight loss works by giving your mind a clear image of what you want.

Did you spot the difference there compared to other methods?

Focus on what you want – not what you don’t want.

The whole thing of “losing weight” doesn’t work because right from the start you’re aiming in the wrong direction. I only use the term “lose weight” on here because it’s what people search for. It’s not what they want though.

Here’s an example of how confusing it is when you focus on what you don’t want instead of what you do want.

Imagine that I have asked you to drive me somewhere. Which of the following would be easier to understand?

  1. I want to go to the shops.
  2. I don’t want to go to the cinema, bowling alley, library, motorway, a fast food restaurant, a cafe, the museum, the forest…

In the second sentence I’m focusing on what I don’t want. It takes much longer to work out what I do want because you have to eliminate every other place in the world before you get the answer!

Focus on what you want and you’re far more likely to succeed.

It’s no good telling your mind to lose weight. It won’t understand, just like it’s hard to understand where I wanted to go to in that second sentence above.

You want to be slimmer, you want to fit in those old clothes you can’t get into. Those are positive goals that will work well.

What happens on a Hypnotherapy for weight loss session

First of all we complete a series of questions that show me what you want to achieve. This is done for free in a 20 minute phone consultation.

These questions are essential because it allows me to spot any possible problems that could get in the way and take care of those first. These problems are often secondary gain – gaining something by doing something else which is no good for you.

With people wanting to be slimmer then watching the TV could be an example of secondary gain. Eating fast food gives you an excuse to sit and watch TV instead of going out and exercising. We must change that!

See my page on what happens on my first hypnotherapy session? for more details about future sessions as well.

What to expect after Hypnotherapy for weight loss

After we have done our work then you have to wait to see the results. Sorry but you won’t come out of hypnosis and have lost 3 stone instantly!

Unlike other forms of therapy, this one really is a waiting game (or should that be weighting game?).

Over the coming days you’ll notice a change in your eating habits.

Please note that I am not a dietitian and not qualified to talk about what to eat and not eat. I know about the mind, not the body.

You hardly need to be Einstein to know that fruit and orange juice are better for you than a burger and a pint. It’s never been easier to buy healthy food since the food traffic light system came in, showing you which foods are better and worse for you.

While you were in hypnosis I will have made it so that you won’t be as tempted to eat foods that are no good for you. You’ll find you may want to exercise more regularly and will even enjoy it!

What you experience is different for everyone because there isn’t just one set way of doing it.

Eat less, do more – HOW?

If you’ve ever looked into losing weight then you’re bound to have come across the saying “Eat less, do more”.

It’s genius because it sums up all you need to do to get to the weight you want. If you eat less and do more (exercise more) then you will lose weight.

Why doesn’t it work then?

It doesn’t work because just knowing what to do isn’t enough. It’s the mind that let’s you down by telling you to eat that cake, to watch the TV instead of going for a walk.

While in hypnosis I’ll reinforce the message of eat less, do more so that it will work. You’ll want to eat less and do more without even knowing it.

What if it doesn’t work?

It is highly likely to work so long as you understand you have a role to play.

As with my other therapies, I can’t do the work for you. It’s up to you be honest and open during our sessions. It’s important that you don’t just expect me to do something to you and you magically get slimmer overnight.

If after a few weeks you aren’t noticing any difference then there are likely other things stopping you from losing weight that need attention. We try and spot these and deal with them at the beginning but that isn’t always possible.

One example is that people often go to slimming clubs but then they miss the friends they’ve made there. They start eating too much again so they can go back to the slimming club and see their friends.

All of that would happen subconsciously so you wouldn’t be aware of it. Your mind is sneaky like that.

I wish there was a method that worked every time for everyone but there just isn’t.

Please read my page on forms of hypnotherapy for more information.

How do I get started?

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