Man sleeping in field

Hypnosis for sleep can help you get the good nights sleep you’ve been dreaming of.

Not being able to sleep (insomnia) is a terrible problem that can take over your life. You feel tired all the time, never have any energy and get irritated more easily than usual.

Don’t worry because hypnosis can help!

Hypnosis for sleep problems

The best thing about using hypnosis to help you sleep is that you don’t even need to book a session to see me.

This is something that I feel is so important that I spend my time making free videos for you to listen to at night as you go to bed.

I’ll be recording these videos soon for you to listen to.

Bedtime hypnosis stories

My Hypnosis for sleep stories are designed to help you get a great nights sleep.

They may seem to be normal stories but they are not. I have placed secret meanings and hypnotic techniques in them so that they will help you to relax and feel calm.

I carefully write stories based on several themes.

Fantasy land hypnosis for sleep

These involve us taking a journey through a mystical land of fantasy.

Along the journey we’ll meet interesting characters that will help with your adventure.

We will be travelling in far away lands full of forests, dragons and castles. Journey down snow-capped mountains and along ancient coasts as we uncover secrets and mysteries.

Fascinating and full of hypnotic suggestion, these stories are spellbound to help get you to sleep time after time.

Time travel hypnotic sleep

Let’s journey back in time and visit characters that each have a story to tell.

From medieval times, the wild west and even the future, these videos will captivate your imagination.

These videos and more will be coming soon and will be available free of charge on my YouTube channel.