You might be wondering how to find lost objects when you just can’t remember where you put something.

Whether it’s house keys, money or any other object; hypnosis can help you find it.

How does it work?

You’ll be guided into a state of hypnosis and taken back to the last time you saw the object.

Don’t worry if you can’t remember when you last saw it because you will under hypnosis. At the moment you’re using your conscious mind to try and think about where the object is.

That can work but if you can’t access the information then it’ll be hidden away in your subconscious mind.

Once we find the memory you’ll know exactly where it is!

How to find lost objects with hypnosis

The way hypnosis recovers memories is just like the way a computer hard drive works.

You may wonder how it is that when you delete a file from a computer it just instantly vanishes. How did it go so quickly? It didn’t.

Think of the files on a computer like houses in a street. Each house has a path leading up it so you can access the house but deleting the path doesn’t delete the house does it?

Path is the computer term for where files are located. When you delete a file all the computer does is delete the path to the file, not the file itself.

This is how you can recover files you deleted as if by magic. They sit on your computer just as the houses still sit there even if you delete the paths.

Usins software you can rebuild the path and access the file.

With hypnosis for finding lost objects we do just the same thing in your mind. We’ll go back and build the path, allowing you to recall the memory and find the object.

If you’ve lost something and want to find it then contact me today.