Hypnotherapy internal parts

Forms of hypnotherapy are the techniques we use to help you overcome your problem. There are many different methods and techniques we can use so on this page I’ll explain some of the most common ones that you’re likely to encounter when using hypnotherapy.

You don’t need to worry about choosing the right method because I’ll do that for you. I have a large bag of hypnosis tools that I can dive into and find the right one to help you because everyone’s problem is unique.

Parts therapy

Parts therapy is one of the most powerful and effective tools used in hypnosis because it works so well with so many people.

We are all made up of different parts. You’ve no doubt had times in your life when you had to make a decision and part of you wanted one thing while part of you wanted another. Those are your parts.

When you have a problem it’s often because one part of you is trying to be helpful without realising that it’s really getting in the way.

Imagine someone with a fear of heights. Part of them makes them scared every time they go up a tall building because when they were younger they almost fell from a great height.

That was years ago and while the part did a great job, it’s no longer needed.

Parts therapy allows you to tell these parts to relax. They will realise that you don’t want them to behave in that way anymore because it isn’t helping.

Regression therapy

Problems often come from something that has happened in our past.

Regression therapy allows us to go back to the cause of a problem and fix it once and for all.

You often find that just discovering the cause of a problem will fix it instantly. It can be something you’ve forgotten about but as soon as the memory comes into your mind it’ll be as fresh as the day it happened.

This is a very powerful form of hypnotherapy and often results in clients saying “Oh, I remember that! Now I know what the problem is!”

You can go back to memories you had at any age. Sometimes people even recall their birth!

Time bridge

The time bridge allows us to travel back in time to the instant that a problem first occurred.

This direct method can save a lot of time and get straight to the root of a problem.

Inner guide

Think of your inner guide like a living being inside of you. They know the answers to your problems and will reveal the answer when you ask.

Is this real? Do you really have a person living inside you who knows everything?

Some people say it’s just a way of thinking about things. The person isn’t real, it’s just a way of getting your mind to think about the answer and give it to you.

Others say this is their spirit guide, guardian angel or protector.

That’s up to you to decide.

The cinema

You sit in a cinema and watch your problems on the big screen. By watching them we can change how you view them and get rid of the problem.

Simple yet very effective.

Other forms of hypnotherapy

Not all methods require hypnosis. Here are some that we can use without it.


What an incredible thing this is. It stands for Emotional Freedom Technique although it’s better known as tapping.

All you have to do is spend about one minute tapping on various parts of your body and pain that you’ve had for years can go. I know it sounds too good to be true but I’ve used it on myself and I can promise you it works!

I have seen EFT fix peoples hearing, get rid of pain that’s existed for years and even get rid of phobias.

Symbolic release

This is an interesting method and one of my favourites!

Think of it like parts therapy but with just us talking without you going into hypnosis. We identify the part of you where the problem lies and give that part an identity.

It could be that you’ve had stomach problems for years and imagine the problem to be a green box in your stomach (I know this sounds odd but it really works).

I’m not even going to try and explain. If we need to use it you’ll see what it does. This method can be very effective as well as very funny!


A simple yet effective method where you replace bad thoughts and feelings with good ones by rapidly swapping images of them around.

There are many other techniques that I use but that will give you a taste of some of them.

If you’d like to try hypnosis for yourself then contact me today.