First hypnotherapy session

Have you thought about what to expect during your first hypnotherapy session?

Your first session will be just like any other – awesome!

This page will give you more detail about what to expect on your first session and you can see how many sessions you may need by watching the video below.

What happens before your first session

Before we can do your first session we need to do what we call an intake.

An intake is simply an informal chat where we get to know each other a bit and discuss what the problem is. You don’t have to tell me the issue if you don’t want, we can do what we call “content free” sessions where we fix the problem without me ever knowing what it was.

I currently offer a 20 to 30 minute intake for free before booking in paid sessions. This makes sure we’re happy to work together and that you have an issue I can help with.

There is no hypnosis on the intake, it’s just to get more details.

What happens on your first session

OK so the intake is done and we’re both happy to proceed.

Next we arrange a time for your session and you send the payment over.

Your first session can be as soon as the next day depending on how busy I am.

Experiencing hypnosis for the first time

You’ll experience hypnosis on your first session after the intake, providing you have no health issues that would stop it such as on my page of important things to know.

It’s important to understand that using hypnosis really isn’t the big deal that people think it is.

Before I became a hypnotherapist I thought that going into hypnosis was going to be some magical, life-changing experience. I was expecting to feel like I was floating around the room, seeing unicorns and that it would be either marvelous or frighting.

If you are worried about things like that then see my pages on frequently asked questions about hypnotherapy which will answer many of your concerns.

I’ve also written a page called scared to be hypnotised? to further put your mind at ease. On that page I talk about how it feels to be in hypnosis and what to expect. It’s really nothing like people expect and often you won’t feel anything.

Once I’m in hypnosis, then what?

Once you are in hypnosis then I choose the most appropriate hypnotherapy technique. You can find out more about them by clicking that link in the last sentence but to put it simply, there are various methods we use from getting you to imagine you’re in a cinema to taking you back in time to your childhood.

You’ll always have a safe place to return to if at any point you start experiencing things you don’t like. I’ve never had to use this but just imagine you brought up a painful memory that you preferred not to feel, you can just whisk yourself back to your safe place and it’ll be gone.

You may need to face up to that experience to overcome your problem but that doesn’t mean you have to face it head on without help. You don’t cure a fear of snakes by locking someone in a room with one!

Future sessions (if needed)

You may find that your issue goes after session one and that’s it – job done!

If not then we continue using various methods on future sessions until we achieve the result you want.

People often want to come back and work on other issues or come back for general sessions to boost their confidence.

I also offer life coaching where I help you achieve goals such as changing your job, moving house or whatever you want to achieve.

How many sessions do I need?

Some issued can be fixed in one hour. It depends on your issue and how complicated and deep routed it is.

Most times it takes between 2 to 6 hours to fix things. Some issues like weight loss can be a longer term thing but not always – it’s different for everyone.

Think of it like when you go to see a doctor. You describe what the issue is and they say that they’ll start you off on one set of pills or whatever but if that doesn’t work then come back and they’ll do something else.

I always aim to give you the best therapy that will work in the minimum number of sessions but there is no method that works for everyone all the time. I wish there was, it would make my life much easier.

I’ll teach you how to hypnotise yourself and I often have video guides, handouts or help sheets for you. You’ll also get the audio of your session so you can listen to it as many times as you like.

Book your hypnotherapy now and get rid of whatever is bothering you!