Coronavirus anxiety hypnosis

Coronavirus anxiety is causing a lot of stress in the world. The great news is that at the moment the most effective, and only way, to fight and kill Coronavirus is with something we all have inside us already: our immune system.

Drugs, medicines and antibiotics won’t kill Coronavirus because it’s a new illness. Medicine and science are essential in this war and one day there will be a vaccine. Until then let’s use what we already all have.

People have beaten Covid-19 because they have fought back with their immune system which is controlled in part by your mind. This page will help you understand how to boost your immune system to fight back just like thousands of survivors have.

Please note I am not medically trained. I am a hypnotherapist and know about the mind so this page should not be taken as medical advice.

Coronavirus anxiety hypnosis videos

Hypnosis can help you overcome worry and fear by changing the way you think about things. That doesn’t mean you are being ignorant or uncaring, you’re just changing the way you feel to a more positive outlook.

The following videos are ones which I use myself. They help you feel calm and can boost your immune system by simply telling it to work better.

The fourth video shows EFT or tapping, a great way to make yourself feel better and something you can do alone or have fun doing with the whole family. It’s made by a Coronavirus survivor who says it helped him recover his breathing.

I used EFT on myself in June 2019 and in two minutes it got rid of knuckle pain I’d had for months and I haven’t had it since.

You may have heard about how young people are also affected and it’s not just something for the elderly to worry about. Young people may be strong in the body but are they strong in the mind?

A newly built house will fall with weak foundations while an old house built solidly will stand for decades.

Focus on your mind and you can achieve incredible things.

Please don’t think of hypnosis as some miracle because it isn’t. It’s not magic that can fix anything with some secret words. The truth is that hypnosis and meditation simply focus your mind on doing what it would be doing anyway; it can just make it work even better.

If you think I can help you then I offer online hypnotherapy which can be done over the phone.

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