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My name’s Paul and I’m the driving instructor hypnotist who can help you overcome driving anxiety. With 20 years of experience, over 1,000 people taught and over 10 million views on my YouTube channel, nobody knows more about driving anxiety than me.

My unique mix of instruction and hypnosis skills will get you on the road in no time and driving the way you’ve always wanted to.

Change can happen

If you want to make changes in your life then reading my story can help by showing how I made changes in mine.

No matter how stuck you think you are or how impossible change seems, it isn’t.

Let’s have a look at how my life has changed over the years and see how you can relate your story to mine. You can read the story or watch it in the video below.

This is the video I released in December 2019 which shocked thousands of people on my driving school channel after months of teasing. None of them knew I was a hypnotist!

The driving decades

I had a really bad experience with a driving instructor when I was 18. They taught me poorly and although I loved driving, I didn’t enjoy the learning process at all.

This resulted in me having a car crash soon after passing my driving test.

I changed from heading for a career in I.T to becoming a diving instructor myself. I had a mission to right the wrong that had been done to me. To teach people properly and become the best instructor in the country.

I would spend 20 years teaching people to drive and become one of the best and most well-known instructors in the UK. You can see my driving school site here.

I had people visiting me from all over the place for driving lessons and instructor training. This was largely thanks to my popular YouTube channel which has over 10 million views on my videos about how to drive and pass the driving test.

Video was to become an important part of my life and one video clip in particular stands out from all other.

The video clip that changed my life

I gained a reputation for being able to teach pupils that nobody else could.

I met hundreds of pupils with anxiety and phobias due to driving in general and the dreaded driving test. The more I worked with these people the more I became interested in what caused these problems and my interest in driving took a back seat (if you’ll excuse the pun).

I often joked about how I was more like a therapist than a driving instructor.

Many pupils said that learning with me was so much easier than with other instructors but they couldn’t say why. It just felt…different.

There was a reason for that.

Around the early 2000’s I started watching Derren Brown’s TV shows. I’ll never forget the amazing scene you can watch below where he walked up to a stranger in the street and within 30 seconds they were handing over their house keys and phone just by him asking them to nicely.

I had to know how he did that! Click here to learn how he did it.

The video that changed everything for me

NLP – Nice lessons Paul

I became fascinated by hypnosis and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming – how language works in people minds) so I started using some basic self-taught methods on my driving lessons.

In 2005 I had a phone call from the agents of a world famous hypnotist. I can’t name him but we share the same first name. He was due to film a driving lesson with an instructor after he had hypnotised someone who had a fear of driving on motorways.

The instructor he’d arranged it with bottled it at the last minute and they urgently needed someone else. I turned them down because I didn’t want the attention but it confirmed my belief in all these new skills I was using.

The results were impressive but hypnosis was a tiny thing in my life at this time.

Before it was to become as much a part of my life as it is now, I had a problem to sort out.

The house of hypnosis

Throughout my 20’s and 30’s I’d been having real trouble finding somewhere to live and I just couldn’t settle. I tried renting, I tried buying but it never felt right.

I was like a nomad going between homes and staying with family. At one point I even moved from Birmingham to Cornwall. Those were really messy days when I couldn’t work out what I wanted.

Throughout all this, my driving school was my rock. It was always there and never let me down.

I was always going to be an instructor and nothing could change that.

One day I bought a lovely little house and settled in. Strangely, in one of my driving lesson videos I’d been sitting right outside this house talking a pupil not knowing I’d be buying it very soon!

This house was very different to my last place where I’d had noisy neighbours. They’d shout and scream so loudly all night that it was like they were in the room with you. I did talk to them about it and they were nice people but they had problems.

I noticed how quiet this house was. All I could hear was birdsong and the previous owner had put lovely new light coloured carpets down and painted the walls in bright white. It’s right by some woods and has a lovely spiral staircase inside which reminded me of the spiral staircases that hypnotists get people to walk down in hypnosis.

I said “It’s like a therapists house”.

Spiral staircase

Every hypnotist needs a spiral staircase so here’s mine!

It’s about time

Something really strange happened after I’d bought this house: I started to lose interest in my driving. Don’t worry – it came back as you’ll see later.

I’d been filming YouTube videos everyday and spending hours editing and uploading them. On top of that I was balancing driving lessons, training instructors and trying to fit a personal life in. It all got too much.

I felt like I wanted to move on from this phase of my life but I had no idea what to do. I’d gone into that career so deeply I couldn’t see a way out.

One day I was sat in a long traffic jam when a thought occurred to me – it’s my fault I’m in this jam.

It’s me that is putting people on the road and causing all this stress and pollution. Something was on the radio about self-driven cars coming to the roads soon.

OK, I can take a hint.

On the wrong track

I started thinking about what else I could for a living. It had to be something I believed in because I don’t just work for money. The job I do has to mean something to me.

I was on a train one day when I saw an advert for train drivers. I couldn’t believe they got £60,000 a year! Yes, really they do.

I looked into it but realised that if it wasn’t for the money I wouldn’t be interested. That’s not how I live my life as I said above. I have to believe in what I’m doing and enjoy it. I love riding on the trains but driving them isn’t for me.

What happened next is a really funny sequence of events that would change my life forever.

YouTube to the rescue

I turned on my TV one day and fired up YouTube. A channel I watch had made a video that showed someone being hypnotised and taken back to a previous life.

As I watched more videos on the subject I was fascinated.

Afterwards I went online to find a local hypnotist who did past life regression. I thought this would be a great way for me to experience hypnosis because I didn’t have any phobias or fears to fix.

I booked a session with the hypnotist for about 10 days time from now and was looking forward to it. As I was looking around I became more and more interested in hypnotherapy and what it can do.

It was then that the pieces of the jigsaw started to piece together.

The day on the bench in the wood

I had a faint idea that I could become a hypnotherapist at this point. I’d looked online for local training colleges and it appealed to me but I had to think about it so I went for a walk in the woods.

I’m fortunate to live right on a nature trail that stretches for miles through woods with rivers and lots of lovely areas.

I went for a walk through the woods and found an alleyway that intrigued me. I walked up it and found a gate on the left hand-side that lead into a small clearing. There was bench in the middle of this clearing so I went and sat on it because I’d been walking for a while and it was a very hot day.

Bench in the woods

The bench I sat on in the woods

As I sat on this bench all the pieces of the jigsaw fell into place:

  • The books I’d had for years on hypnosis and NLP
  • The way pupils had said learning with me felt different and just made more sense
  • How I’d been specialising in dealing with pupils with test phobias and driving fears for years and the difference I’d made in their lives
  • My jokes about being a therapist more than an instructor
  • My comment about my house being a therapists house
  • The soft, calming music I always listen to
  • The hours I’d spent listening to The Shadow
  • I’ve been working 1-2-1 with the public for 20 years
  • I’ve been running a business for 20 years

I said to myself “I’m going to become a hypnotherapist!

Hypnosis fixed it

That was an unforgettable day. I can’t believe that the answer had been with me for all that time, staring me in the face, yet I couldn’t see it. I was so happy I was smiling and bouncing around.

After over 2 years of looking I’d finally found my way out of driving!

I got out my phone and looked into this local college in more detail.

It looked great, had lots of good reviews and I’d been driving past it multiple time every day for the last 20 years without even noticing it.

There was one little problem though.

I need to be convinced

One thing was bugging me about this whole hypnosis lark – was it actually real? There was one way to find out.

I usually like to listen to horror stories in bed playing from my phone. I’ve been doing this for years and I always listen to them, take out my earphones, turn off my phone and go to sleep.

I’d had some trouble sleeping lately, probably because of the horror stories about murders and ghosts that I listen to before bedtime. I wanted to try a hypnosis video for sleeping and see what happens.

That night, I listened to a one hour long hypnosis video on YouTube that was supposed to help you sleep. I was enjoying it but was a bit disappointed that I wasn’t feeling much. There was no special “hypnosis feeling” that I expected.

The next morning I realised hypnosis was something special.

As I went to get up I felt this funny pulling sensation across my neck and realised I still had my earphones in. My phone was still turned on and still on my bed.

Now that NEVER happens. I always listen to audio from my phone while lying in bed but I always turn my phone off and take my earphones out before going to sleep.

I must have gone to sleep during listening that video which means…

Hypnosis works!

My first real life hypnosis session

This was impressive but I needed more proof. I tried more audio tracks and some worked but some didn’t seem to do a lot. I wondered if real life hypnosis works better than these videos.

My past life regression with a hypnotist was fascinating. Whether or not you believe in past lives is up to you, I was more interested in the experience as a whole rather than trying to find something from the past.

Now I knew hypnosis was real but I still hadn’t felt anything much had physically happened. I felt very drowsy and was certainly in a different state but I wanted hard proof. No way was I going to train in something unless I knew it was 100% genuine.

I contacted the college and they said I could start in just a few weeks time.

Finally convinced

Still not totally convinced, I went along to the college and did a taster day.

It was great and I went on to complete the whole of that week. I met a lot of people that shared my passion for hypnosis. We had great fun hypnotising each other for practice but I still hadn’t actually felt anything really special.

Then came something that convinced me of the power of hypnosis once and for all.

The teacher asked for a volunteer to demonstrate a technique where they use hypnosis to stick your eyes together. Apparently you can’t open your eyelids no matter how hard you try. That would convince me.

I sat in front of the class, went through the procedure and then came the moment when they said “Try and open your eyes…”.

This was make or break. If I could open my eyes I was going to quit the course I’d signed up for but if my eyes stayed closed I’d see it through.

My eyes wouldn’t open even when I really tried.

Now I could complete the course knowing that hypnosis really worked. I’ve since stuck my eyelids together many times and it never stops fascinating me.

Back in the driving seat

I started working as a hypnotherapist and then COVID-19 happened.

Well, I had said I was tired of driving and I wanted to get off the road. Be careful what you wish for because it may just come true!

I was in the house for months, unable to work because of the lockdown. I had been doing online hypnotherapy sessions and enjoyed it but it wasn’t quite the victory I’d wanted for so long.

I started to miss getting out and meeting people. The things that once drove me mad were now things I wanted to do again.

It was announced that driving instructors could start work again in a few weeks time – just as I found out I needed to go into hospital for an operation!

Once all that was done I got back out on the road and started using my hypnosis in with driving lessons.

This was the solution I’d been looking for all along! I didn’t need to choose between my driving and my hypnosis.

I was going to do something nobody had ever done before and I was going to become what I am now…

The driving instructor hypnotist!

That’s my story

So that’s my story. I hope now you feel like you know me better but this isn’t the end, only the beginning.

The point of this story is to show how change can happen to anyone, even you. If you have a problem like a phobia or you can’t stop smoking then you CAN change things.

If you’d come up to me on that day I was sitting outside my future house doing a lesson and said “In 3 years you’ll own that house and be running a hypnotherapy clinic from there” I would never have believed you.

My life changed and so can yours.

If you want to help me write the next chapter then contact me now to book your hypnotherapy session.

You can also see my page on why you should choose me.