Hypnotherapy letters after name

Hypnotherapy letters after name

What do all those letters mean after a hypnotherapists name?

If you’ve looked into having hypnotherapy then you’re likely to have come across people with letter after their names like Fred Smith D.hyp, DSh, NDJS.

I never use these letters but if I did my name would be Paul Dodd, MNCH, HPD (NCH), D.Hyp (CECCH), APHP, ADI.

It’s supposed to look impressive but let’s have a look at why most of the letters people use mean nothing.

The letters show which “qualifications” they have

The reason I say “qualifications” is that those qualifications can mean very little or nothing.

You see, here in the UK there are absolutely no qualifications needed to work as a hypnotherapist. That’s right – anyone can just call themselves a hypnotherapist and set up in business immediately without any training.

There are however several bodies that exist in order to make the industry more professional. These include the National Council for Hypnotherapy and the General Hypnotherapy register.

Once you join these you can put letters after your name like NCH which do mean something because it shows you have been through training and met the criteria to join these places.

There’s a catch to not needing qualifications which some people exploit.

Meaningless diplomas and qualifications

Anybody can award themselves, and others, a diploma or qualification.

Yes that’s right, anybody (even you reading this now) can make up a diploma and award it to themselves and put letters after their name.

I’m going to make one up right now. Let’s call it the:

Master Hypnotist UK Diploma in advanced hypnotherapy and psycho-analysis!

Anyone awarded this diploma can put the letters “MH (UK) D. hyp” after their name and tell people they are a master hypnotist and a member of my society.

That is all meaningless!

I just made it up but so long as I build a website, make some fancy videos of me putting someone into a trance by clicking my fingers (an actor I paid £50) and bang on about being a master hypnotist then people will fall for it.

People would offer me thousands to train and be given my diploma which isn’t even worth the paper it’s printed on. They can then offer hypnotherapy for £100 an hour or whatever amount they choose.

Here lies the problem with many of these letters after the name of hypnotherapists. They’re often just from meaningless, unproven courses run by people whose aim is just to make money.

Not all the letters and courses are meaningless but it can be very hard to tell them apart from the ones that are.

Let’s have a look at the main way most of these joke courses often operate.

Online courses where you buy a diploma

There are many hypnotherapy courses where you simply buy a diploma.

You pay £2500 through their website and you get sent a downloadable diploma along with a huge PDF file to read through and lots of videos to watch.

You have been given a diploma without them even knowing if you ever did ANY of the coursework they sent!

Keep paying your annual fee and you can keep using those letters after your name to impress people.

Sadly, that’s what some people do.

How to find a real hypnotherapist

The simple way to make sure that the person you’re going to for hypnotherapy is properly trained and qualified is to make sure they are listed on a directory such as the NCH.

This ensures that their qualification is meaningful and not just some wacky self-taught diploma that they downloaded from the internet.

To check whether someone is a member of a meaningful organisation visit https://www.hypnotherapists.org.uk/therapist-finder/



If the name of the person you’re thinking of using isn’t on either of those then I don’t recommend them. They may be good and they may belong to another register but those are the main two directories.

You can see my page on the NCH here and see more of my hypnotherapy qualifications here.

I was going to list what the letters mean and which ones to look for but that wouldn’t be fair because I just can’t list them all.

Of course, there are people that say that they do a great job and just don’t want to go through courses and qualifications to prove it. They’ll state that just qualifying doesn’t mean anything and that they can do the job just as well and that what they’re doing is perfectly legal.

I’ll leave you to make your own mind up about that.