HPD (Hypnotherapy in Practice Diploma)

I got my HPD (Hypnotherapy in Practice Diploma)!

Today I received my HPD (Hypnotherapy in Practice Diploma) which is the gold standard of hypnotherapy qualifications.

Let me explain why this means so much to you as well as me and why I recommend only seeing a hypnotherapist that has been awarded the HPD.

What is the HPD?

The HPD is an externally verified qualification in hypnotherapy.

Many colleges hand out qualifications in hypnosis to anyone that trains with them but they don’t really mean anything.

That’s a bit like taking some driving lessons and the instructor giving you a driving licence without you taking the externally assessed driving test.

I’m not disrespecting the hard work they’ve put in or saying that they’re no good. How can a qualification mean anything though when there aren’t any standards for getting it other than paying to go on a course?

There are online hypnotherapy courses you just pay and get the diploma instantly before even doing the course!

This is where the HPD comes in.

How the HPD hypnotherapy qualification is different

The NCH (National Council for Hypnotherapy) awards you with the HPD, not the place you trained with. The NCFE recognise the HPD as being the equivalent as a foundation degree.

Blah, blah, what does all this mean?!

What it means is that I have taken the time and effort to have my work externally checked because I wanted to know I’m doing it correctly.

Only 25% of hypnotherapists have the HPD but I wanted to go further than most do.

I am approved not just by someone I paid for a course but by separate people that have checked my work over and confirmed that what I’m doing is correct.

How you get an HPD

It’s hard to get an HPD and it takes a lot of work and commitment.

When I first looked into becoming a hypnotherapist I knew the HPD was what I had to aim for. It wasn’t enough to me to be just another therapist and I wanted to prove how seriously I took my work to any clients that found my website.

Here’s what I did to get my HPD:

  • Attend 120 hours of classroom training by experienced hypnotherapists
  • Do a total of 450 hours of work including research, study and practise
  • Answer 80 questions about hypnosis. My document was 30,000 words long!
  • Submit 4 case studies of me working with real clients
  • Have my work checked by 3 assessors (my tutor and two independent external supervisors)

Those are just some of the things but I won’t bore you with all the details.

What I’m saying here is that I have gone to a lot of trouble to prove how qualified I am.

The HPD means a lot because anyone can legally start up as a hypnotherapist and trade with no qualifications at all.

You can see all of my hypnotherapy qualifications here.